23 Attractive Red Ombre Nails With Butterfly For Spring 2021

Ombre may be a very fashionable nail 2021 trend, and if you have not tried it yet, then you ought to. We have collected 23 attractive red ombre nails for spring 2021 with glitter butterflies, cute hearts, glitter, and more. As you will already know, ombre art features a color change of a darker and lighter color. It may be such a classy idea, and therefore the color combos are endless. One-color that does look amazing when utilized in ombre art is red. 

Do not just take our word for it, but you should have a glance at these beautiful red ombre nails from Instagram. You could also find many tutorials online for actually creating the ombre art. You could even try these red ombre nails yourself at home!

1. Red and Black Ombre Nails

If you wish for the red and black color combo, you would like to ascertain this next nail idea. The nails are a long coffin shape. All of the red ombre nails are part of one have the ombre art. The accent nails are matte with a line of rhinestones down the middle. It is a classy, edgy, and glam mani that is perfect for nights out and parties.

Red and Black Ombre Nails

2. Ombre Nails with Butterflies

Next, We have red ombre nails with a butterfly nail design to point out to you. These nails start red then the color changes to clear. The artist accessorized each fingernail with butterflies. It may be a classy nail design due to the clear sections, and therefore the butterflies look so pretty. Try something similar, or you will b able to use a light color rather than clear nails.

Ombre Nails with Butterflies

3. Long Red Ombre Nails

Love the brighter nails? If so, you would like to see this out. Some red ombre nails are bright red, and therefore the others have nude and red ombre. It could be a bright and classy look, and it may be perfect for those that want to wear red but do not want the color to be too bold. 

3. Long Red Ombre Nails

4. Gold Glitter Ombre Design

If you are searching for glitter and statement-making nails, this nail design is excellent for you. Here, we have stylish stiletto red ombre nails, and each fingernail is bright red with gold glitter ombre! We love the red and gold nail design. These red ombre nails are perfect for parties, nights out, and the season. If you would like to create Christmassy red ombre nails, you could try silver glitter instead.

Gold Glitter Ombre Design

5. Black to Red Ombre Nails

Maybe all the brilliant ombre looks are not for you. If so, you would possibly like this richer and darker version. The nails are very dark at the bottom, and therefore the color changes to a lighter but still red towards the red ombre nails. It may be a stunning nail idea and could be perfect for parties and the fall and winter seasons.

Black to Red Ombre Nails

6. Cute Heart Nail Art Design

All red ombre nails feature a different design which includes glitter, glitter ombre, and more. The nail design we love is that the nude one with sequin heart ombre. The artist added hearts to the nail where the block ombre color would usually go. It may be a unique and stylish idea. Recreate this or put the hearts stickers on all nails. 

Cute Heart Nail Art Design

7. Butterflies Nail Design

The next nail idea is another one of our favorite red ombre nails! Two nails have nude and red ombre while the others are clear and red ombre. The clear red ombre nails also are decorated with red butterflies. This red ombre nail idea is often stunning, and you could be able to purchase red sequin butterflies for your nails online. 

Butterflies Nail Design

8. Glitzy and Glam Red Ombre Nails

Are you searching for glam red ombre nails? This nail idea is simply that! So, here we have long nails. One fingernail has a nude and red ombre, while the others are red and sparkly. There also are three hearts on the ombre nail. Everything about this mani is gorgeous than the glitter to the ombre. 

Glitzy and Glam Red Ombre Nails

9. Red Ombre Coffin Nails

Are you look for a pretty, trendy, and statement-making idea? If so, this might be perfect for you. Here we have super long nails. Some nails have a V tip, and some are all red, while the others feature nude and red ombre. We love this because the colors are gorgeous, and we have accessorized few nails with rhinestones. This design covers a couple of must-have trends that we could not wait to decide!

23 Attractive Red Ombre Nails With Butterfly For Spring 2021

10. Gold Nail Design With Butterfly 

The following nail design is attractive. These red ombre nails are long and have the classic nude and red ombre, and you may find an accent nail without beautiful gold butterflies. You will be able to buy gold butterfly nail stickers online, and you could recreate the design yourself.

Gold Nail Design With Butterfly

11. Dark Red Glitter Design

We love this next mani! For this look, most of the nails are red and different textures are used because some are matte and a few are glossy. You will find red ombre nails that feature silver and red glitter ombre. It may be a stunning nail idea, and it dolls up your look. 

Dark Red Glitter Design

12. Ombre Nails with Red Hearts

The next nail idea features more hearts. Some nails have classic red and nude ombre. There also are two red ombre nails with red hearts. It is such an attractive look, and therefore the hearts shades are easy to perform. You will be able to use a toothpick to color the hearts, and there are tutorials online.

13. Pink Ombre Nail Design 

Another cute color combo is pink and red, and there may be a gorgeous example of red and pink ombre. So, these nails are long. The red ombre nails start with a light-weight pink shade, and it changes to red. It may be a stunning nail design, and this color combo will suit any nail length and shape.

14. Cute Cherry Nail Design 

This next mani is so cute! Most of the fingernails are nude and red, but you could find one accent nail on each hand. The accent nail is nude with hand-painted cherries. We love the Cute Cherry Nail Design, and they appear so pretty and stylish. This mani is ideal for the summer. You could find tutorials online for hand-painting cherries, and you could even use red rhinestones for the fruit.

15. Red Nails with Rhinestones

The following nail design is fashionable and super glam. Some nails are red, and therefore the others are nude and ombre. The artist adorned all nail designs on each hand with rhinestones. It may be a stunning nail idea, and the rhinestones add glitz. A design like this is perfect and straightforward to wear, and it may suit everyone.

16. Red and White Nail Design

For this look, the two nails are white with red tips. The opposite nails have red and white ombre. It may be a pretty nail idea and perfect for parties and other occasions where you would like glam and fun nails.

17. Bold Black and Red Ombre Nails

Red and black is another classic combo, and here is the perfect way to wear it as an ombre. The nails are all black and red, and there is one accent nail with elegant art. We love black and read because it is fun, stylish, and edgy. You could recreate with or without the black nail art. If you are doing want something similar, then you will be able to buy nail stencils online.

18. Matte Red Ombre Nails

Another color that red looks amazing with being nude and here may be a stylish thanks to wearing it. The nails are long and begin nude, then the color changes to red. Ombre Nails are all red, and it is a chic nail design. This color combo will look beautiful on any nail length and form.

19. Trendy Nails with Rhinestones

Love the clear nails? If so, this is often perfect for you. Three Ombre Nails have red ombre, and two are clear with gold and red rhinestones. This design is often such a classy and glam manicure, and therefore the clear nails look amazing. If you would like to recreate this look yourself, you could bed able to try the red ombre and rhinestones with nude nails rather than clear nails.

20. Elegant Red Ombre Nails

The nails are long and are nude at the beginning, then the color changes to bright red. The red look gorgeous together, and therefore the Red Ombre Nails make such a statement. You’ll be able to recreate this design on any nail length and form.

21. Short Ombre Nails

The last nail idea explains how unusual ombre looks on shorter nails. As you’ll see, the Red Ombre Nails are not long, and that they start red, then towards the ideas, the color changes to black. It’s a classy and lovely design, and it’ll be perfect for autumn and winter. You can, of course, do this color combo on longer nails.

We hope that you have found the best red ombre nails to try.