24 Magical Unicorn Nails for Short Nails To Wear Now

Unicorn nails for short nails are a perfect selection for women who need to attract eyes with their beauty. If you prefer unicorns, you are at the best station! We have found 24 magical unicorn nails for short nails to wear now on your short nails to draw for spring. 

There are so many designs, from cute unicorn nails for short nails to shades inspired by magical beings. There is something to suit every nail form and length. Take a survey to recognize how to make some magic and way to your nails. After what seems to be an explosion of all things magical and glittery, the unicorn craze has reached its height.

Between lip glosses and highlighters inspired by the mythical monster to making looks that are downright unicorn with makeup brushes with unicorn horned wands, you can find no stopping this train. Of course, how can such a trend be complete if it hasn’t been translated to unicorn nails for short nails? We didn’t need to look long before we found many whimsical nails. 

24 Unicorn Nails for Short Nails

From textured nails inspired by the unicorn’s horn to sparkling holographic suggestions, and even some beautiful illustrations paying homage to this foremost unique also mesmerizing creature, take a glance then create your own. Go own, be that unicorn you usually wanted to be.

Spring Inspired Rainbow Nails

Spring Inspired Rainbow Nails

1. Beautiful Nails with a Unicorn Horn

You can create numerous cute unicorn nails for short nails by employing a unicorn horn accent nail. Here we have an excellent cute pattern. A number of the nails are a light-weight blue, some are a light-weight purple metallic chrome and eventually, you’ve got the unicorn horn. You’ll recreate this look or use different colors and art with a unicorn point of your choice. See Also 24 Best Ways To DIY Glam French Ombre Nails with Diamonds.

24 Perfect Unicorn Nails For Short Nails To Copy For Spring

2. Gorgeous Unicorn Chrome Nails

Chrome is often wont to create gorgeous unicorn nails for short nails. Don’t just take our word for it, inspect this manicure! The nails are a purple and blue color chrome with a bright white chrome stroke nail. There also are some added gems that juice up the finished look. Recreate with similar colors and gems or use different magical colors to make your unique design.

24 Perfect Unicorn Nails For Short Nails To Copy For Spring

3. Magical Shimmery Unicorn Nails

We have another unicorn nail design for short nails to create now. You don’t need to re-evaluate the highest together with your unicorn nails, maybe try a reasonably and shimmery appearance as if this one. The shorter nails are painted during a light sparkling purple. These unicorn nails for short nails are easy but magical look. Nail colors like this one will suit everyone and it’ll look beautiful on any nail length and shape.

24 Perfect Unicorn Nails For Short Nails To Copy For Spring

4. Chic Unicorn Nails

Looking for chic unicorn nails for short nails? This idea is for you! Here we’ve long nails that are painted during a light iridescent, chrome color. These are so magical and enchanting. Recreate something almost like these or even add during a unicorn horn accent nail within the same color for a chic, but bold look.

24 Perfect Unicorn Nails For Short Nails To Copy For Spring

5. Gorgeous Glittery Unicorn Nails

Our next idea features a stunning white unicorn nail design. The nails are painted with vibrant purple and blue to make a magical galaxy look and there’s an accent nail with a white unicorn. This is often a fun and vibrant design which will suit anyone that likes their nails to be bold.

24 Perfect Unicorn Nails For Short Nails To Copy For Spring

For mystical creatures, unicorns sure are becoming tons of face time lately. From unicorn cupcakes and Frappuccinos to unicorn…pizza? It’s officially a thing, and we think nails are just the proper place for all those rainbows (and many glitters). Believe it or not, we’ve whipped up unicorn nail art looks that are unicorn nail design ideas for you to undertake.

6. Beautiful unicorn nails

If you like pretty nails with crystals and flowers, then this next look might be perfect for you. Two of the pink nails and three have a unicorn design. The actual unicorn is on the middle nail with floral nail art on both sides. It’s a stunning look and will suit everyone. You can recreate these unicorn nails for short nails or choose your design.

7. Nude ombre nails

Are you looking for subtle unicorn nails for short nails? This idea might be perfect. Here we have nude nails with a rainbow ombre. This rainbow color is more low-key than some of the more daring unicorn looks, but with that said, you can enjoy a colorful and fun design without being over the top. A design like this works for all nail lengths and shapes.

8. Fun unicorn nails

Our next idea is so much fun and cute. Some nails are pink, others purple. Two of the unicorn nails feature unicorn nail art, too. If you want to create your nail art, you can manually draw unicorns. It takes time and patience, but the results are worth it. If you don’t want to paint a unicorn, you can use a stencil.

9. Beachy unicorn nails

If you like stylish manicures, then this nail idea might be perfect. One of the nails is a rose-golden luster, and the rest has a peachy base. There is also a distinctive nail with a cute unicorn. You can recreate this, or you can try styling in a different color.

10. Glam and sparkly nails idea

Shine your look with a manicure like this one. Some nails are shiny, two nails are decorated with precious stones, and one has a colorful unicorn horn design.

This sparkly nail idea is a lovely look that would be perfect for a special occasion like a party. You can completely recreate a manicure or only one or two nails.

11. Cute unicorn nail design

The following nail idea is so cute! Two white nails with a colorful design that includes moon and stars. The unicorn nails are white with beautiful nail art. This unicorn nail design is a cool design that is perfect for ladies who want to wear fun and colorful nails. Recreate these nails, or you can have unicorn art on one nail.

12. Colorful chrome nails

This next nail idea is another idea that uses unicorns as inspiration. Most of the nails are white chrome, but there are black nails with a bright rainbow design. This chrome nail uses colors uniquely associated with unicorns. You can create colorful nail art with foil.