22 Awesome Easter Nail Designs 2021 To Wear Now

Spring is approaching, and what more fun way to welcome it than cute Easter nail ideas? If you want some cool Easter nail designs, you’ll love this post. I have great nail ideas and nail tutorials arranged for you! Easter manicure is one of the funniest nail designs when you think of spring nails.

Do you like nail art? Are you looking for some beautiful Easter nail designs? Then you’re at the right place. From cute Easter bunny designs to floral patterns, we have unique Easter nail ideas for you to choose from! Any of the signature Easter manicures will look elegant and fun for the special day.

Once you choose the perfect Easter news and the bland news, you’ll want shiny spring nails to complete your look. These Easter nail art ideas are made for the occasion, from fun bunnies to bright florals to pretty pastels, and you’ll have a hard time choosing just one design for your Easter ensemble. While some of these nail art ideas are easy, and some of them may take a little practice, they are sure to be the perfect finishing touch to your Easter outfit.

Celebrate the coming of Spring and Easter with these easy Easter nail designs featuring pretty pastel colors, spring flowers, cute bunny patterns, and more. Plus, check out these adorable Easter dresses for more holiday inspiration.

1. Easter carrot nails

What do Easter bunnies like? You think of that carrots! These Easter nail designs feature a stylish and quirky carrot design. The artist painted them in white color and have a cute carrot print all around. You can recreate a similar look by using larger islands. There are a lot of tutorials online to help you get the look home.

Easter carrot nails

2. Colorful polka dot nails

If you want beautiful Easter nail designs but want to look elegant after the event, this Easter nail idea is for you. Here we have polka-dotted colored nails. The nails are painted white with lots of short dots in different colors. It’s a simple idea, but it makes a statement. We love this because it suits the springtime and Easter fun. Try a nail design like this, or you may be able to use your own color palette.

polka dot nails

3. Spring and Easter Nails

Easter and spring manicure is fun for everyone even the little ones can enjoy nail polish. Painting eggs and making Easter baskets is fun, but you can also dazzle with some new nail art for the Easter holidays. These are some of the best Easter nail designs we’ve collected but don’t worry, we get you if you have them. Some of the nails you’ll need are professional, but we have a few that you can do at home as a beginner.

Spring and Easter Nails

4. Stylish Easter nails

If you want an Easter manicure that celebrates the occasion but still looks stylish and modern, then this idea might be for you. The nails use soft pink, dark purple, and have a bunny nail. We love how the bunny is cute yet simple and the use of light and dark colors. This is a unique Easter look.

Easter is just around the corner! It’s a rebirth and rejuvenation party, so it makes sense to bring some Easter fun to your nails, too! You can decorate your Easter nails in different and artistic methods to get into the Easter mood! So this Easter this year, don’t just decorate your home with Easter motifs, and make sure you have the perfect Easter manicure, too!

22 Awesome Easter Nail Designs 2021 To Wear Now

5. Easter Chick and Bunny Nails

These super cute nails are first on our Easter list. We love these Easter nail designs because they use some of the most popular Easter looks in one look. You can recreate nails like this or just use one of the methods.

Easter Chick and Bunny Nails

6. Pastel Easter manicure

Easter in the spring and during this new season, pastel colors are essential. This next idea features a different pastel nail design. We love using different shades because they give your manicure a modern look. If you want more subtle Easter nail designs, you can use one color.

Pastel Easter manicure

7. Easter bunny manicure idea

If you like the idea of ​​an Easter bunny but want a bunny design, these Easter nail designs might be for you. The nails are painted white with small colored dots, and there is also a rabbit nail. Since the Easter nail design only features the face, it will be easier to recreate it. Using a steady hand and practicing, you can draw an adorable rabbit-like this.

To do this bright color, apply the paint more than once. This is the most perfect design you can do at home. Another great thing about these Easter nail designs is how quickly they can be done, so if you have a short time around, these are worth a try. These nails are perfect last-minute nails.

Easter bunny manicure idea

8. Floral Easter nail designs

Spring is the season of beautiful flowers. The next idea combines spring flowers with Easter. One nail has a cute bunny, and one fingernail has a light pink design. Other Easter nail designs have a gorgeous ombre look. You can just use the floral and bunny look with regular nails or go for an ombre. Ombre is simple to create with a sponge.

Floral Easter nail designs

9. Easter Heart Nails

If you want gorgeous Easter nails, this could be the design for you. The Easter nail designs feature a lovely heart print with a bunny nail. You can recreate nails like this in any color scheme. Pastel and light colors are perfect. Hearts can be created on nails with a toothpick, and there are tutorials online to help you.

Easter Heart Nails

10. Easter egg nails

This design is perfect for a spotted egg design, and the bow chick makes it even more special. The design looks as though it is coming out of the already full dolled egg. You can get a bracket like this at a local or online store. Pastel shades, glitter nail polish, stamped nails, Easter bunny art, egg painting, 3D nail art design, buttons, and chocolate Easter nail designs, I’ve got you covered. All you need is nail art equipment, some patience, and zest for Spring and Easter.

These Easter nail ideas use beautiful spring colors, jewel-colored nail stickers, shades of pink that look so trendy in 2021, cute baby chick designs, cheesecloth-inspired stripes, and even press green that will remind you of freshness grass and your first hunt For Easter eggs. Bonus: Easter nail designs – that will perfectly match any Easter outfit are easy to do at home.

Easter egg nails

11. Easter manicure designs

We have officially entered March, folks, which means Easter is around the corner. Not that you need an excuse to banish your winter nail shades and change your look, but the holiday is perfect. Easter manicures are all about bright colors, fun designs, and cute little accents – so what don’t you really love? To help you find the perfect Easter manicure design, I pulled some of my favorites from Insta, including pastel French manicures and super pretty floral Easter nail designs.

Easter nail designs are not only cheerful but fun. Painting eggs and making Easter baskets is fun, but you can also dazzle with some new nail art for the Easter holidays.

11. Easter manicure designs

12. Cute Easter Nail Art Ideas

The perfect addition to any spring outfit? Colorful Easter nail art! Add some flair to your style by showing off these easy DIY Easter nail designs that feature spring staples: bunny nails, floral nail designs, and pretty pastel nail colors that you can wear long after you try the Easter egg hunt this year.

These are some of the best designs we’ve collected but don’t worry, we get you if you have them. Some of the nails you’ll need are professional, but we have some Easter nail designs that you can do at home as a beginner.

Cute Easter Nail Art Ideas

13. Easter nail art ideas

Easter might just be another holiday for some, but for us, it’s another lovely excuse for seasonal nail art. Bunnies and eggs might be the first images that spring to mind with the mention of spring break, but you can also celebrate in pastel colors and florals. Moreover, you can incorporate some of these ideas into an Easter manicure.

While you decorate your entire home and garden or porch for Easter, you’ll definitely love Easter – aren’t you, dear readers? Let your imagination run wild and paint your nails with various designs for Easter – Easter bunnies, chicks, eggs, and colorful flowers.

14. Polka-Dot for Easter manicure designs

Sure, you can get your Easter nails done as neutral and funky. Colorful background with white dots or stripes will make your nails look like little Easter eggs. Important when decorating your nails are mostly Easter colors. It should be festive and colorful.

If you are looking for a neutral nail that is still festive, you must try this Easter manicure design. This green and blue manicure will keep your nails looking fresh at the holiday festivities.

15. Tape shaped almond nail

The almond manicure is elegant, and the following design justifies this. The Easter nail designs were drawn like the inspiration for Easter eggs, and colors are pastel yellow, pink, purple, pink, and white. It is the classic Easter manicure.

16. Easter bunny manicure ombre

These designs are cute ombre colors with a spring feel in mind. The goal is to draw attention to your bunny’s nails. You will need to pay attention to these because the bunny is a symbol of Easter. This Easter nail idea we love because it doesn’t look so difficult to DIY. Most of the Easter nail designs are pink, and the ring finger has a bunny design. It’s cool, and the fact that you only need to paint the bunny’s face makes it simple.

16. Long Easter nail designs

We love Easter manicure design for long nails because it has all the Easter mood. Each fingernail has a polka dots design, a cute chick, and a cute little bunny. You can find guides on how to complete these Easter nail designs if you wish to give it a try.

17. Pastel Easter nail designs

Easter manicure is not only happy but fun. Painting eggs and making Easter baskets is fun, but you can also dazzle with some new nail art for the Easter holidays. These are some of the best designs we’ve collected but don’t worry, we’ve got you if you are. Some of the nails you’ll need are professional, but we have a few that you can do at home as a beginner.

18. Pastel Easter designs on nails

Turn your nails into pastel Easter eggs. Choose white or light paint for the base and draw bright patterns like zigzags, lines, and dots. Use multiple bright colors to make your manicure more special.

19. Geometric Easter Nail Designs 

Pastel geometric design is easy to do with nail stamps. Choose light colors and create beautiful gradient art with your nails. This is a perfect design for you if you want to enjoy Easter but without looking like Easter. So this is an excellent choice for a spring manicure idea too.

20. Easter nail colors ombre

The following design is one of the best easter nail designs 2021 on this list. There are some tutorials online that show you how to create gradient nails, and they are easy. These are good for beginners and look beautiful on short or long nails. Pastel patterns are so adorable, and Easter is a great time to let your nails have fun. You can mix any colors best to keep the base white.

21. Polka Dots Easter Nails

Another way to enjoy spring without a lot of fuss is to make it easier to style your easter nail designs 2021. It doesn’t get much easier than the polka dot design. Get some of your preferred colors and recreate this look.

22. Pink Easter nail ideas

This is our next pick, it’s beautiful, and the easter nail designs 2021 are so cool. All nails are unique designs. One finger has pink and white polka dots, a pink design with a 3D bow, then an Easter bunny, the other has a basket, and the big finger has a pink bow. This manicure is cute and stylish and enjoys everything Easter loves in this design.

Pink Easter nail ideas

We hope that you have found the best Easter nail designs to try now.