35 Easy Summer Nail Designs To Copy Yourself In 2022

Are you looking for some summer nail designs to try this season? If so, you landed on the right post! Keep reading to discover easy ways to update your signature style, plus this season’s most popular summer nail design ideas to take your manicure to the next level. As summer approaches, I’ve been waiting to put together some of my favorite designs to give you guys some inspiration. 

Below, I have collected over 35 of the best summer nail designs. Whether you’re trying to create new designs at home or at your local salon, there’s a style for you here! Remember, feel free to install any of the images below to recreate all of these designs in the future!

Every season brings with it beauty trends, especially when it comes to manicure colors. Every year new shades emerge in the summer, reflecting the fresh and fun atmosphere as well as the trending trends. From here, after we collected for you the popular manicure colors and summer nail designs in spring and summer, it’s time to introduce you to the latest summer nail design releases for summer 2022. Shop among them the colors that reflect your style. We promise you will find short summer nail designs cute to copy and apply the best short yellow acrylic nails, short white acrylic nails, light pink acrylic nails, light blue acrylic nails, and more. Time for inspiration!

Cute Summer Nail Designs

Although cute summer nail designs are a fantastic idea all year round, there is just something about summer that makes you feel a little more adventurous. Whether it’s super-bright colors, fresh new materials, sleek shapes, or bold designs, it’s time to change it up.

We look to the future and are ready to embrace everything that comes with it. This post includes dazzling trends, specifically the hottest summer nail designs for 2022. The warmest months are a time to drop off the darker colors and embrace vibrant colors or soft feminine shades. Mint green and orange are among the bold options. 

cute swirl nail designs

summer toe nails 2022

When the mangoes are ripe on the sun shines, you know it’s time to put your shoes away and enjoy the summer. While warm weather may ask you to show off your toes, this also means that you should clean up your pedicure routine. This summer, it’s all about unleashing your imagination and covering your toenails with stylish designs that inspire creativity. So, try to replenish things with an original DIY pattern of your choice. To start, we’ve curated attractive toenail designs to try at home to increase the wow factor of your feet.

summer toe nails 2022

Rainbow Summer Nail Designs

This rainbow summer nail design is the season that is as bright, warm, and tropical as the weather! Create a fruity cocktail of bold shades – think pink, green, red, yellow, and blue. When summer comes, the rules are out the window, and it is time to show your creativity in manicure form. Plus, there are no gloves to hide behind – so your summer nail designs get all the attention they deserve! You can also go for almond swirl nails.

Rainbow Summer Nail Designs

Fun Summer Manicure

Summer is the time to go out, including your toes. One way to polish up your pedicure game is to try a fun Marble Pedicure. Use a light yellow color as the base coat and let it dry. Next, drop bits of orange, pink, and white on top and dab briefly with a piece of cling film to create the desired marble effect. Repeat this process on one or two summer nail designs or do all of them, and toenail artwork is optional.

2. Fun Summer Manicure

summer nail colors 2022

The light green shade we refer to as mint is a gorgeous feminine shade. There is freshness around it, and since it’s been so long, it’s been a popular nail color. This mint nail color makes a new comeback all the more exciting. Nail polish fans can rejoice that the tone suits every skin tone, has a dreamy feel to it, and can tell a lot about your playful personality.

Mint can give your look a pop of color and remind us that summer is the perfect time to embrace light shellac

summer acrylic nails 2022

Every woman adores this cute nail color when the artist mix this gorgeous color with other colors like silver glitter and pink sparkle in coffin-shaped summer nail designs or Scovaly nail designs. Just check out those short sets of pastel pink acrylic nails that we picked for inspiration!

4. Short Pink Acrylic Nails

Peach Apricot Nails

While summer provides plenty of opportunities to try your summer nail designs, a simple look is one of the biggest trends. Peach apricot tones are a summer staple every year, and it’s easy to see why. This color is universally flattering on every complexion.

While summer provides plenty of opportunities to try your summer nail designs, a simple look is one of the biggest trends.

Beach Summer Nail Designs

Show your love for the sea with a cute nautical manicure design. Vivid colors, such as watermelon and bright blue, will complement your beach trip beautifully and stand out against sand and water.

 To create an anchor design, choose a four-toed coat, then decorate your big toe with white sailor stripes and anchor in the color of your choice. Switch the two colors on your middle toe and decorate it with polka dots.

6. Beach Summer Nail Designs

Vibrant Yellow Toenails

Few colors make a statement the way vibrant yellow can. It’s one of the brightest shades and is often associated with happiness, hope, and enlightenment, and after the last year most people got to experience 2022, that’s what we all want from the new year – and our nails, of course. 

Wear it to a summer barbecue party, festival, or anywhere you like; This is one of the colors that will ensure that you stand out from the crowd.

7. Vibrant Yellow Toenails

short summer nails 2022

White is a great trendy color that suits most women. It is a bright and elegant color to be your choice on summer days, so take a look at these beautiful short white summer acrylic nails 2022 mixed with marble, glitter, or even light pink to create the perfect manicure!

8. White Short Acrylic Nails

Coffin Nails

The shape of the coffin nail, also known as the ballerina style, looks like a tall acrylic with square tapered nails that resemble a coffin or ballet shoe. This nail shape has lots of poses and gives you plenty of room to play with color, design, and decor. 

The shape of the coffin nail, also known as the ballerina style, and looks like a tall acrylic with square tapered nails that resemble a coffin or ballet shoe.

Take them to the next level by using 3D foiling, ombre coloring, beads, and jewelry. These are the summer nail designs you get if you want to make a statement – so it’s no surprise that casket nails are a favorite of Instagram stars and influencers.

Easy Summer Nail Designs

Designing creative DIY on your toes at home isn’t as daunting as you might think. There are plenty of cute and easy toenail designs to make it easy for you to get. The polka dot design is a great example to start.

Coat your toes with a base coat of your choice and place small dots on top of them once they are dry. Do not worry. They don’t have to be perfect. The best part is that you can completely customize this theme to your liking.

10. Easy Summer Nail Designs

Coral Red

Red is the color that demands attention, and it’s a classic and timeless choice for summer nail designs. In 2022, the focus will be on a particular shade, coral red, and it will be as beautiful as you expect it to be. It’s an intense color, and women might have hesitated to try it a few years ago, but now you’ll see it appearing everywhere.

11. Coral Red Red is the color that demands attention, and it’s a classic and timeless choice for summer nail designs

Round Nails

For a more minimalist look, the classic round shape also goes with summer trends. A favorite on the catwalk, this sleek and straightforward nail is versatile. Round summer nail designs can attract attention when painted in a deep or dark color; Alternatively, they can be the pinnacle of sophistication when paired with nude paint. Low-back, round summer nail designs that require very little maintenance are a great option if your style is classically elegant or slightly androgynous.

Round Nails

French Toenail tips

It is simple, elegant, and works perfectly for any occasion. For a clean and sophisticated look, keep the tip of your summer nail designs relatively short. You can also try the ombre effect for a smoother and more refreshed look.

French Toenail tips

Mulberry Bold Nail Designs

Bold nail designs and colors sure have their appeal, but we also need daily polish. Raspberry is the shade that gives us the desired subtle color, but it is one of the latest trends to wear as it isn’t incredibly daring. The appeal is that it will look good on any shape of summer nail design. Another advantage is that it is a color that you can easily match with your accessories; For example, your bag or your shoes. This bold nail art design will create an appearance that is all about femininity and strength.

Mulberry Bold Nail Designs

Short Red Acrylic Nails

Every woman loves red summer nail designs with their elegance and beauty, so if you are a fan of short nails, short red summer acrylic nails 2022 will be your perfect nail care choice. Check out these short red acrylic nails worn on squat nails, stilettos, and coffin nails!

Short Red Acrylic Nails

Square Summer Nail Designs

Square summer nail designs are a great option if you have naturally flat nails; They will make your fingertips appear wider. They are also considered the healthiest form of summer nail Ideas as there are fewer risks of your nails peeling, snapping, or breaking. If you are opting for tall acrylic, square ends are also a popular style.

This square nail design for summer is because the square edge makes the nail appear wider again, which balances the length of the summer nail designs. Try bright coral or pastel colors, which are trendy choices this summer.

Square Summer Nail Designs

Arty Fingernails

If you have a thing for art and a steady hand, challenge yourself by treating your nails as the painting in the world. With a slim brush and the right colors, you can create the feather effect and make some artwork on your summer nail designs. Then refine your creativity with motifs for texture and depth.

Arty Fingernails

Short Yellow Acrylic Nails

The short summer nails 2022 are so perfect. I can say that it is one of the best acrylic nail colors on summer days because this is the color of sunshine and happiness, so we have collected beautiful pictures of yellow nail colors between matte and glossy!

Short Yellow Acrylic Nails

Natural Nail Shades

Sometimes the best nail polish is a natural shade, and the beauty here is simple nail shades, which can include blush, lilac, and muted dark tones. But the minimal amount of color allows you to play with the details or not, depending on your preference. If you want to make a very subtle statement, try mixing it with your skin tone for a simple and elegant look.

Natural Nail Shades

Candy Pink Nail Art

Another soft and feminine color that will make its way into the summer nail forecast is candy pink. After the darker colors dominate the cooler months, this will be a welcome and bright change. Easy to wear and classic color perfect for nails of all lengths and shapes, whether you have long nails or prefer to keep them short. Pink is a big color trend for summer nail designs, and although you may feel as if you’ve seen it before, that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. If you want to make a statement, you can also try matching your nails with lipstick!

35 Easy Summer Nail Designs To Copy Yourself In 2022

Almond Nails for Summer

Almond nails are long and tapered to an elegant point, and they are sexy and adorable in shape. They get their name from the almond nut shape. Universal flattering style, almond summer nail designs, and nail beds make them look slimmer and keep your claws strong. Since this nail shape requires some length to create, some choose summer acrylic nails 2022 to get the almond look. You could mix pastel ombre with colorful summer nail designs for a fun summer style.

Almond Nails for Summer

Red Toenails

Here are some sexy red short summer nails 2022 with a twist! After you paint your summer nail designs in your favorite mesmerizing red, decorate them with black elements for a look full of adventure. Then incorporate white to add more depth to the summer nail idea.

Red Toenails

Mountain Top Nails

Nails are kept to medium length and tapered to a fine small point. The mountaintop follows a similar pattern to stiletto summer nail designs, but it does not require the nails to belong. As a result, it is possible to get this shape with natural summer nail designs if your summer nail designs are healthy and not prone to breakage.

35 Easy Summer Nail Designs To Copy Yourself In 2022

Minimalist Nail Design Ideas

There is a particular appeal to choosing summer nail designs. It is simplicity that describes this artwork, and we found these minimalist nail designs on Pinterest. It can be small shapes and features or unique angle nails. Not only do these summer nails look fabulous, but they are also super versatile and may be worn everywhere and at any special event. That said, maybe the simplest thing is that they’re straightforward to recreate yourself at home.

Minimalist Nail Design Ideas

Summer nails for short nails

Nail trends varied during the Spring-Summer season shows, with summer nails for short nails being the most popular, especially with the manicure colors that adorned them, as the models’ fingers seemed soft, young, and attractive. Short nails paired with bold shades or nail art can look great. Short summer nails are also safer and healthier, which is helpful when we are all trying to ward off harmful viruses including, COVID-19.

Summer nails for the beach

As soon as spring and summer come, the first thing that comes to our minds is the colorful clothes and sitting on the beach. Here each of them begins to search for summer nails for the beach and the beach look that will appear this season. Because fashion is not limited to clothes only, girls are interested in details, such as nail polish. You can give your nails a new look inspired by summer and start with unique manicure ideas.

Summer nails with butterflies

Summer nails with butterflies may be one of the nail designs that enhance the women’s mood and give them a lively and modern look during summer 2022. 

Tapered square nails tips

Are you looking for a classic and universally cute nail shape? You can go for a tapered square nail design. The Tapered square nails are about the same width as your natural nails but begin to narrow in the direction of length with very sharp edges. It looks good with almost any type of nail art, from classic French tips to psychedelic wheels. Below, we have found the best Tapered square nail design on Instagram.

Tapered square nails tips 2022

If you are looking for summer nail designs in fresh summer colors, you should shop for the new releases of Love Your Nails. You will find more than one new color that was launched for the spring-summer season. We hope that you have found the best summer nail designs to paint in your coming season.