23 Perfect Rainbow Nail Designs 2021 Trends To Copy Now

If you are trying to find a perfect way to add some color to your nails, and it may be time to embrace rainbow nail art. We have found the best 23 rainbow nail designs 2021 trends to copy now on Instagram. It is one of the most well-liked trends, and for a good reason, it makes your fingernails bright and cheery. It could be an exquisite way to experimenting with various colors and techniques to specific yourself and show your personality. 

The nice thing about this artwork is there are numerous different interpretations, allowing you to choose something that appeals to you. For those that prefer more subtle and subdued looks, you’ll paint your rainbow nail designs in numerous pastel shades or love to color only your tips.

If you would like to make a statement, celebrate with multiple patterns, quirky prints, and smiley faces. Or try interesting spacing techniques. 

How to create rainbow nail designs?

Some shapes are simple and wearable, like rainbow tips or paint each nail a different color of pastel varnish. Other options are more complex, like a rainbow with interesting clouds or bobbing and swirls. There are YouTube tutorials online to help you achieve the designs you want, or you can take a picture of your inspiration at a local nail salon to let them recreate it for you.

1. Cute Rainbow Toenails

Not only are the toenails done with a fun updo, but also the toenails. These rainbow nail designs are especially true during the summer months when you can finally take out sandals. There are no rules about what you can and cannot do; Whether you choose to use the entire nail art for a bright and fun look, or you prefer to keep it perfect with a different pastel shade for each finger. The only thing to remember is that after removing the polish, give your nails a break for a few weeks.

Cute Rainbow Toenails

How to do rainbow nails with water?

Using water for rainbow nail designs will help you create a beautiful, blended look. You can achieve the perfect effect by placing warm water in a cup. You can then add a drop of all your favorite shades to the water and use a toothpick to draw a line in the paint and create the pattern you want.

2. Watercolor rainbow effect nails

If you are looking for the perfect rainbow nail designs for your next manicure, a watercolor effect is what you want. The rainbow nail design simulates the way paint mixes and dries on a canvas; Combining this with bright colors makes it a feminine and fun choice. To create this design the easy way, you can choose nail stickers. 

But, if you are women who prefer to try their favorite lacquer paint, you can choose a base coat and leave it to dry. Then add a layer of white paint, and once it dries, you can then use a paintbrush to apply the shapes you’ve chosen. Add a few drops of each color to a piece of foil paper and add them using a paintbrush. After each shade, dip the brush in acetone and then into the desired paint and repeat the process with a different color.

Watercolor rainbow effect nails

3. Professional rainbow nails

A rainbow can bring a lot of joy, and if you want to add some color to your next manicure and choose something that will bring a smile to your face, this is the trend for you. Instead of sticking to the traditional shape of the rainbow, you can get creative by embedding it in various ways. You can do this by playing with spaces and using wobble and swirls to make each nail different. These rainbow nail Designs will create a perfect look. Not only are the colors you can try, but also the various textures. Feel free to change this option to make it your own.

Professional rainbow nails

How to make rainbow marble nails?

Rainbow marble nails are an effect that is sure to make a statement, although it will take some practice and patience to achieve. You must first choose the colors you want and then fill a cup, preferably a disposable one, with room temperature water. 

You can then add a drop of all your favorite shades to the water and use a toothpick to draw a line in the paint, from the outer edge to the inner circle. These rainbow nail designs will create the desired effect.

How to do rainbow nail art?

There are various rainbow nail art options to choose from them. Some are simple as polka dots which you can create by applying a little paint. You can try creating straight lines, which require some precision and practice but are relatively easy and versatile, or you can use nail stickers to help you paint the tips. 

There are various tutorials on YouTube for more intricate designs that will give you a step-by-step guide on creating the effect you want. Alternatively, you can use stickers or covers. The only thing the same, no matter what you choose, is the importance of preparing your nails in advance. Make sure it is polished and clean.

4. Rainbow edges nails

Having rainbow nail designs with cool corners makes for a unique look. If you want to try the rainbow nail trend but are not keen on anything sexy, then the rainbow edges are perfect. It’s also a look that isn’t difficult to recreate in the comfort of your own home, although you do need a steady hand for accuracy.

 Pair the complementary colors together, such as orange, yellow, green, and blue. Or choose two colors of different shades, for example, a light pink and a darker one. There are many combos to play around with, which makes this artwork even more fun.

Rainbow edges nails

5. Rainbow nails with art

Bright colors are often associated with success, hope, and ambition, and the idea has always been a source of inspiration for clothing, accessories, and the clarity of rainbow nail designs. However, to get a different and modern image of the rainbow, you can choose designs that include multiple colors mixed inexpertly. 

Maybe you like pastels and ombre? Or can you select bright, dark lacquers and create a watercolor effect? The focus here is on another detail, the art of express mail. Show the world your fun and electric personality by adding these stickers to your claws. 

23 Perfect Rainbow Nail Designs 2021 Trends To Copy Now

6. Rainbow Nail Designs Tips

You don’t need overly detailed nail art to make a statement or add a pop of color to your look. The beauty of rainbow nail designs is that it is relatively easy to create even for beginners. Plus, it is highly wearable. It will be suitable for different occasions, be it casual or semi-formal, and it looks elegant. 

23 Perfect Rainbow Nail Designs 2021 Trends To Copy Now

Pastel shades are always favorites because they are soft and dreamy, but if you prefer something brighter or love shimmering lacquers, nothing prevents you from choosing this instead.

7. Rainbow Stars Nails

If you are a fan of a daydreamer or a thinker, nail art is what you need. Stars are often associated with ambition and hope. The symbolism is powerful but adding these shapes to your rainbow nail designs is fun, too. Play with different colors to get the rainbow effect and positions that you like. To emphasize your look, you can wear your favorite star jewelry or accessories.

Rainbow Stars Nails

8. Rainbow Nail Designs Outline

There are a lot of nail trends that come and go. Some are pretty and easy to wear, others can be dramatic and often impractical, but the rainbow outlines fall into the first category. It’s a simple yet striking look that is perfect for those who prefer a more abstract approach. 

The spacing also allows you to experiment with bright colors without committing to something extreme or dramatic. Deciding to paint the tips of your claws in different bold colors makes your manicure fun, versatile, and wearable. It is ideal for a variety of occasions and settings.

9. Rainbow and dotted nails

23 Perfect Rainbow Nail Designs 2021 Trends To Copy Now

Brightly rainbow nail designs are often able to delight the wearer just by looking at their hands. Because of this, it’s great to experiment with fun patterns, and the combination of rainbows and polka dots will likely become one of your new favorites. The rainbows are associated with love of life and joy, while the polka dots have an old classic appeal. 

Together, you can have a luxurious, new manicure, and it is easy to do at home. If you want rainbow stripes to be the focal point of your look, then create a unique stud one that is different from the rest.

10. Stylish Rainbow nails

The way we choose our rainbow nail designs is an extension of our personality and style preferences. You may like classic shades and prefer to paint each nail in a different beautiful pastel. Or maybe you want to try bold patterns and colors. 

You can choose the one that is most attractive to you or try them all. If you’re looking for some inspiration to try the rainbow nail designs trend but don’t want to spend hours painting your claws or spending a small fortune at the salon, rainbow points are simple yet effective. Embrace some of the colors by choosing a nude or translucent base coat; Then dab drops of your favorite lacquer.

11. Modern rainbow tips

Experimenting with different shapes and drawing interesting tips instead of solid horizontal lines can make for a fun and modern look. But deciding to do it in the bold colors of the rainbow makes for a look all the more perfect for the summer months. 

You can choose your favorite shades and paint each nail a different color. Complete the look with a bare base coat to allow the ends to focus. This rainbow nail idea is a perfect opportunity to have some fun, and it will draw attention to your hands.

12. Black nails and rainbows

The rainbow nail designs have a very ancient feel and are a combination that people are bound to notice. Painting your nails with this paint makes an instant statement, but it is also a color that lends itself well to other designs, including rainbow artworks. 

It’s great for the base layer because it allows the color to show through. Adding lines at the tip of your claws creates a cute, flirty look that’s perfect for a night out or a party and should be the start of a real conversation.

13. French rainbow manicure

The French party manicure has been around for decades and has remained a pure classic. However, there are ways to make this style modern and bright by alternating the traditional white streak in your tips for shades. 

The exciting use of color and spacing makes this artwork fun but also versatile and wearable. It’s a way to embrace rainbow nail art without being too dramatic and easy to do in the comfort of your own home. If you want a fuss-free but incredibly stylish design, look no further!

French rainbow manicure

14. Cute Rainbow Nail Ideas

There is a time and place for neutral nail polish and solid shades, but the rainbow nail art trend isn’t. This artwork is about adding some color to your life and making your face smile. It’s a great way to show your personality and include fun and cute designs. 

Choose your favorite colors and start getting creative. You can draw a different pattern on each nail, or you can stick to a theme; For example, a rainbow on one nail, a cloud on the next, and sun or bowl of gold on another. There are no rules about what you can and cannot include. The key is updating your manicure with the things you love.

15. Ombre Rainbow Nails

Ombre refers to the shading technique where the colors blend brilliantly with dark to light, a popular effect in nail art. Ombre rainbow nail designs are popular, and they are a great way to add some color to your claws. Most ombre nails are usually darker at the skin and lighter towards the ends, but you can also experiment by doing this from one end of the rainbow nail designs to the other, for example, working from left to right.

 Although you can use any glossy paint to achieve this artwork, pastel matte colors are a feminine and elegant option. Your rainbow nail designs play a role in creating an overall chic look, and this manicure will help you achieve that.

16. Rainbow nail art ideas

When it comes to rainbow nail designs, the possibilities are endless. There are many ways to try this look, some subtle and others bold. The great thing about this is the diversity of direction, which allows you to choose something that suits your style preferences. 

Rainbow nail art is a great option, as it creates spaces. You can add many other images, including clouds. Stick to a nude base to let your nail art come to life, and for a more subdued look, choose two or three fingers to accentuate and leave the other two plain.

17. Rainbow Nails With Smiley Faces

What better way to bring a smile to your face and joy in your life than a rainbow-colored smiley face nail art? The great thing about having something delightful on your rainbow nail designs is that it can serve as a reminder to look on the bright side of life. We see our hands all the time, so why not create a manicure that shows your personality and creativity. 

You can make faces using different colors, including yellow, a color often associated with happiness and warmth. It can be placing your artwork in the center of your claws, or you can experiment with different angles. The base coat is another way to personalize your style. If you want something bold, go for a bold color like red or green, and for the muted look, clear or nude paint will work wonders.

Rainbow Nails With Smiley Faces

18. Rainbow nail Designs with clouds

Rainbows with cloudy spikes are the feminine look you’ve been dreaming about them. This nail art recreation, inspired by the sky, will leave you with beautiful, modern claws. You don’t have to paint every nail that you choose a matching effect. 

Mismatched nail art with rainbows and clouds placed at different angles will only create a more visual look. You can play with the colors of your clouds; Maybe you want classic white or prefer a series of soft pastel shades. Feel free to experiment and enjoy this social media-approved design.

19. Cool Rainbow nail Designs

There are many cool styles to choose from that can help you achieve a fun and creative look. Although the rainbow nail art trend is incredibly cool, if you’re the type of person who can’t pick one direction, you don’t have to. Have fun and experiment by painting each nail with a different set of artworks.

This nail art can be anything from pixelated to animal print. Different styles will clash, creating a perfect look. There is a lot to love about this look, but it’s not for the faint-hearted, so wear it with confidence and be aware that a lot of attention is coming your way! For this reason, it is best to ensure that your hands are well clean.

20. Pastel rainbow nail Designs

Pastel rainbow nails

Why choose one color when you can have rainbow nail designs? The rainbow manicure trend is such a dream thing because it is so dreamy and glamorous. Pastel shades have long been a favorite because they are easy to wear and feminine, but you can refresh this classic style by choosing to paint each nail with a different lacquer, thus creating a rainbow effect. From a pale green to bright pink, this look will suit almost anyone.