23 Easy Pastel Nail Colors To Try In Spring 2022

The spring period is almost here, and summer is not far away from there. Meaning pastel colors are back! All of the soft, light tones are now a must-have in fashion, beauty, and cute spring nails. We thought it might be the right time to offer you some nail inspiration, so we have collected 23 easy pastel nail colors to try in spring 2022 to inspire you. 

After the pastel makeup and hair trend, it is time to celebrate the upcoming summer season with a stunning pastel manicure! There’s something so classy and cute about pastel nail colors, to not mention they’re the perfect versatile nail polish styles since they will be mixed with numerous other colors and outfits. 

They can be elegant and sophisticated with luxurious nail designs or edgy and funky with metallic and glitter detailing, and we are crazy with this 2022 nail trend!

You will find different shades from pink to green and many various ways to wear the colors. There also are designs for all nail abilities, whether you’re a professional or try nail art for the first time. So, take a glance and provide your pastel nail colors with a fresh and stylish spring makeover!

1. Pastel Gradient Almond Nails

If you’re keen on more unique nail art, then you would like to see this out! This mani features two gradient designs – pink and green and purple and blue. Purple and blue may be a classic color combo, and with pastel gradient almond nails like this, we will see why! Recreate pastel nail colors, and you can choose the other pastel color combo. This design will work on any nail shape and length.

Pastel Gradient Almond Nails
Source: @ tarojellynails

2. Pretty Pastel Blue Nails

Pastel colors suit many other colors too, one among which is silver. Here is the way to wear light blue and silver a la mode. There are two accent nails – a silver glitter nail and a nude one with white lines, while the rest is light blue. It’s a glitzy, trendy, and fun look. You’ll recreate the sunshine blue version or choose the other color combination.

2. Pretty Pastel Blue Nails

3. Pastel Rainbow Nails 

The next nail idea is cute and artistic. Each nail may be a different pastel color. Rhinestones have also been added, which makes a statement. Two of the pastel nails even have trendy gradient art. We love the beautiful colors, and therefore the nail shape is such a stylish idea. You’ll find gradient nail tutorials online. You can use a pastel nail color palette.

3. Pastel Rainbow Nails

4. Pastel Nails with Flowers

If you wish for bold and pretty nail art, then this concept is ideal for you. The nails all feature nude, light yellow, green, and lightweight blue pastel ombre. One pastel nail idea is additionally decorated with 3D flowers. It’ll be a gorgeous mani for the spring. You may also try a subtler version on shorter nails. Maybe try using painted flowers instead of the 3D ones, as you’ll buy stickers or hand-paint the flowers yourself.

4. Pastel Nails with Flowers

5. Pretty Pastel Blue Nails

Next, we have perfect and cute pastel nail colors. This is often another blue look. At this style, the nail salo artist paired pastel nail color with white. It’s a classy and bold look that will juice up your nails. You’ll buy chevron stencils online, and you’ll create the stripes with nail tape. 

5. Pretty Pastel Blue Nails

6. Long Pastel Nails 

We have these simple and classy pastel nail colors. The nails are long with a coffin shape and are a light blue shade. It’s a gorgeous nail idea, and therefore the look is ideal for spring and summer. You’ll buy any pastel polishes online, and this color will satisfy all nail lengths and patterns.

6. Long Pastel Nails

7. Pastel Rainbow Short Nails

Next, we have rainbow pastel nail colors. All of the nails are nude, and every tip is decorated with a soft rainbow ombre. It’s a gorgeous look, and it’s the more perfect way to add a pop of color to your pastel nail colors. You’ll try the multi-colored look. You have to try one pastel shade on a different color on each nail. You could still have rainbows but just differently.

23 Easy Pastel Nail Colors To Try In Spring 2022

8. Pastel Rainbow Ombre Nails

If the bolder colors aren’t for you, then you’ll try something more subtle like this. Here we’ve nude pastel nail colors, and everyone features a soft pastel ombre design. Midway to tip, the pastel nail colors are either blue, purple, green, or yellow. It’s a gorgeous appearance, and it’s perfect for those that want to undertake pastel colors without the general mani being too statement-making. Try something similar, and you also can use one pastel color for all nails.

23 Easy Pastel Nail Colors To Try In Spring 2022

9. Summery Pastel Orange Nails

Next, we have a pastel orange mani to point out to you. For this look, the pastel nail colors are an extended stiletto shape, and they are all painted pastel orange with a touch of sparkle. It’s a bold and cute nail idea that is perfect for spring and summer. A design like this may suit all nail lengths and shapes.

23 Easy Pastel Nail Colors To Try In Spring 2022

10. Pastel Heart Nails for Spring

This next nail idea is one of our favorites because it is unique heart nails, creative, and classy. For this look, all of the pastel nail colors are either pastel purple or pink with two accent nails with cute hearts. The matte finish suits the pastel colors. You’ll hand-paint art like this with a skinny brush, and you could purchase stencils in several shapes and sizes online.

10. Pastel Heart Nails for Spring

11. Yellow Design

Another popular pastel nail colors are yellow, and this next mani shows ways to wear it in style! Here we’ve glitzy nails. One nail is just yellow. The following has ombre, then yellow sparkle yellow with rhinestones. The various nail art looks stunning, and it makes a statement. Recreate the entire mani, and you may use maybe one or two of the designs. 

11. Yellow Design

12. Pastel Yellow Ombre Nails

If you wish for pastel yellow, then you would like to see out this concept. For this look, most of the nails are nude with a pastel yellow ombre. This pastel yellow ombre nail idea is often a stylish and pretty look that will suit everyone. There are pastel nail colors tutorials online for this sort of ombre effect. This design will look perfect in any pastel nail color.

12. Pastel Yellow Ombre Nails

13. Pink and Green Coffin Nails

Are you searching for a statement-making design? If so, check this out. This mani uses pastel pink and green shades! One pastel nail color is pink sparkly green, and eventually, there’s a green nail with rhinestones. The opposite hand uses similar art, but the colors go the opposite way. It’s a stunning nail design, and it shows ways to wear a bright color combo in a stylish and glitzy way.

Pink and Green Coffin Nails

14. Matte Pastel Nails

We shared a couple of pastel nail designs with a matte finish. If you liked those ideas, then check this one out too. The nail design was created using five pastel nail colors orange, light pink, blue, light green, and yellow. This matte pastel nail polish is often an acute and pretty look that’s easy to make but still eye-catching. You’ll recreate this search for Easter, too.

15. Pastel Nails with Butterflies

Next, we’ve another ombre look, but this pastel blue ombre nail with a butterfly features a spring vibe. The pastel nail colors are nude and blue ombre with two accent nails that feature pretty butterflies. This pastel nail shape is often a perfect way to apply pastel colors. You could get butterfly stickers online, and you may hand-paint them with a thin brush.

Pastel Nails with Butterflies

16. Glam Purple and Pink Nails

Purple and pink nail polish is so pretty and glam! Most of the pastel nail colors are a coffin shape, but one may be a stiletto shape. Some are pastel pink. There’s even a touch of sparkle too. The colors are stunning, and therefore the different nail shapes look so trendy. This glam purple and pink nail polish is often a gorgeous and statement-making pastel nail design.

Purple and Pink Nails

17. Colorful Pastel Coffin Nails

Next, we have an easy, bold, and colorful idea. So for this, each nail is painted with different pastel nail colors. It’s a cute look that’s easy to make and wear. This mani will suit everyone. Recreate these pastel color coffin nails, and you could jazz it up with glitter or rhinestones.

Colorful Pastel Coffin Nails

18. Blue and Yellow Ombre Nails

Love pastel blue? If so, check these blue and yellow ombre nails. Here we’ve nails with blue and light yellow ombre art. The color combo is stunning, and pastel blue compliments yellow perfectly. These blue and yellow ombre nails are often a trendy design that’s perfect for the summer. Try the same pastel nail colors, and you can use any pastel nail color with yellow.

Blue and Yellow Ombre Nails

19. Matte Spring Nails

The nails are matte and medium length. Each nail idea may be a different pastel nail color. It’s such a fun and perfect look, and it reminds us of frozen desserts and cakes. If you would like nails that are cute, simple, and summery, these spring matte nail colors are perfect for your coming occasion.

Matte Spring Nails

Pastel french manicure

The traditional French tip manicure is defined by the white streaks along the tip of the nail, creating a timeless, elegant look. However, many modern choices are perfect. Pastel French manicures are always a favorite because they are easy to wear. To make the artwork more fun and playful, incorporate floral details by painting them yourself or buying stickers. Also, these french toenails may be the perfect selection.

Pastel nail art

Pastel nail art designs are the most popular options for your manicure due to their amazing looks. The great thing about checkered nails is their versatility, and you can DIY pastel nail art ideas at home in different colors. However, the most beautiful combination is pastel. There is something feminine about pastel nail colors that suit all events around the year.

23 Easy Pastel Nail Colors To Try In Spring 2022

Rainbow pastel nails

If you are looking for pastel nail colors with a hippie vibe, the combination of rainbow colors is a superb option. When paired with pastel rainbow nails tips, there’s a very cool look. This Rainbow pastel nail color is a significant way to add some color to your look, and it will give you bright and cheerful nails that will undoubtedly bring a smile to your face.

Acrylic nails with pastel colors

The beauty of pastel nails is that they suit various fashions. If you are looking for pastel manicure colors, this is the best selection for you. This pastel nails idea can inspire you. Many girls choose to wear short acrylic nails with pastel colors on their ring fingers for this reason. This selection can be an excellent way to show off your jewelry.

Short pastel nails 

Short pastel nails are a perfect selection for occasions. These short rainbow pastel nails can make you think about happiness. It looks fashionable and easy to wear. You can Try jelly nails design.

Pastel blue nails design

Painting your nails with cute pastel blue nail polish will bring a smile to your face. Choosing Pastel blue nails design is a way to enjoy your nail art.

Coffin pastel nails 

Beautiful pastel manicures are a perfect option for any occasion. The great thing about these Coffin pastel nails is that they are soft and easy to wear. These Coffin pastel nails create a very feminine look. See Also valentines nails 2022 trends.

Coffin pastel nails 

Almond nails with pastel tips

Welcome to the almond nails with pastel tips and 2022 nail trend, which lets you get creative. There are so many different almond nails with pastel tips to DIY now. Try placing each wobble at a different angle and using multiple pastel shades for a perfect look. 

What is the modern nail color for spring 2022?

Pastel nail colors are the most perfect for spring nails 2022. We are so excited to try these colors, and we are sure they will be one of the nail trends in 2022.

We hope that you have the best pastel nail colors to try this season.