29+ Heart Nail Art Designs to Be Lovely in 2021

Valentine’s is an excellent reason to decorate your finger with heart nail art designs with stickers, glitter, and multiple colors of red. But if you’re searching for a nail art idea that’s a little less obvious, we found the most perfect heart nail art designs to DIY this season. From ultra-girly to lots of points, you may prefer these V-Day 2021 manicures with heart designs long after that ultimate chocolate has passed from the heart-shaped box.

If you want to appear pretty, maybe you can try to make your manicure in a generous mood. Finishing your fingertips with heart nail patterns are an enjoyable way to show your spirit for the festival of love. You can check out these 29+ heart nail art designs to be lovely in 2021 with Valentine’s Day nails. They will make you look beautiful for this celebration.

Including adventurous shapes, sugary heart nail art stickers which classic pink, red and white nail polish color palette, these nail designs will have you ever feeling the love in no time.

Heart Nail Art Designs To DIY

Why stick with one Valentine Day color palette once you can have them all? Paint each heart nail designs for short nails a perfect color to celebrate today of affection. You ought not to spend hours on creating love heart-sweet nail designs to make a nail statement.

We love this contemporary and romantic take on a French manicure. There’s something so classic and chic about the pairing of red and pink, and therefore the addition of a heart traced right within the center of the simple heart nail designs.

Whether you’re an expert at-home manicurist or a beginner at doing all of your nails, there’s something for everybody with these fun and flirty manicures.

Heart Nail Art Designs To DIY

And because it happens, these manicures look even as good on long, dramatic acrylic nails as they are doing on short, natural love heart nail art. So if you are still trying to find the right nail art design to tie together your adorable V-day outfit, here are our favorite nails with a heart design that you are bound to fall for them.

1. Romantic Heart Nail Art

The heart may be a symbol of affection and romantic love for its cute and pleasing shape. Nail art with hearts may be a perfect choice for nail art once you want your heart nail art designs to seem romantic and wonderful. Heart nail designs are not just for Valentine. You could also create cute hearts on your nails once you feel romantic and crazy daily.

Romantic Heart Nail Art

2. Romantic Florals

Bold manicures are an excellent thanks to boasting the fun side of your personality. Heart nail art designs are a popular selection for Valentine, but you may also choose something a touch different, like romantic florals. To realize this look, choose a neutral base coat paint tiny flowers onto each finger.

You could get creative with the colors you select, tailoring your nails to match your look or use your favorite shades. The result of heart nail art designs is feminine and cute, and if you are single this year, this is often also pleasant thanks to giving yourself flowers.

2. Romantic Florals

3. Red Hearts Nails

Nothing says love like having tiny red hearts painted everywhere your fingernails, right? Get creative by creating small heart nail art designs. You could fiddle with the design, choosing multiple heart stickers in various sizes: some little et al. bigger. It may be particularly eye-catching when each finger has something different.

The general effect is girly and cute. Plus, these heart nail art designs are easy to see and evoke feelings of happiness and joy. If you would like your nails to be the main target of your appearance, then try wearing them with a solid neutral color like nude, white, or black to allow them to pop. You could try matching your nail art designs to a surprising shade of red lipstick.

3. Red Hearts Nails

4. Baby Love Heart Nails

You have heard the old saying wear your heart on your sleeve; well, why not on your heart nail art designs, too? The candy reminder pink is so romantic, but they are also trending in 2021.

The color is effortless to wear and is ideal for nails of all lengths and shapes, whether you have got stiletto talons or short rounded nails shape. That said, you could desire you have seen pink 100 times before, which is why using the hue to make little hearts may be a perfect thanks to updating it and make it more playful.

Baby Love Heart Nails

5. Love Heart Tips

We are sure you will love heart nail art designs with a pink base color may be a look that is sure to boost your hands. to realize this design, you would like long nails with pointy tips.

Start by applying your base coat, then paint one end of the heart nail art designs in an oval shape first. Complete the guts by doing the opposite side. The mixture of crimson and pink could seem predictable for Valentine, but it is striking. This love heart nail is simple to make, will get attention.

Love Heart Tips

6. Love Heart Nail Art

Choose a sweet, romantic look with these heart nail art designs. Pink and red may be a classic color combination, and choosing a pale pink base makes the red hearts pop. Plus, this design is straightforward to try for yourself.

Once you have applied the bottom color, you could put two dots of red nail enamel next to every other. Then, use a fine nail art brush to hitch them during a heart shape, working quickly while the paint remains wet. Finish with a transparent varnish, and you can feel the love.

Love Heart Nail Art

7. Pastel Hearts Nails

Pastel nails are pale and soft, and that they have a very dreamy feel to them. They need the power to rework your mood and brighten your event, and that they are always a la mode. The most traditional shades are candy pink, creamy heart nail art designs, baby heart nails, and lightweight yellow, and you may paint each nail with a hue to make a stimulating manicure.

If you want to make a statement, try matching your nail colors with your accessories or favorite outfit. Alternatively, you could pile on your rings to draw attention to your hands.

7. Pastel Hearts Nails

8. Pastel Pink Love Heart Nails

Nails with an accent-shaped heart is another option for the vacation of affection. Pastel pink may be a delicate color often related to sweetness and romance. A nude or white heart nail art designs work well with the soft pink, and it can leave you with super pretty talons. It is festive nails, it is easy, and it is so feminine. It may be easy to recreate within the comfort of your house.

Pastel Pink Love Heart Nails

9. French Manicure with Mini Hearts

What better thanks to celebrating the vacation of affection than with heart nail art designs? If the classic French manicure is not romantic enough for you, then you could provide it an updated appearance by ditching the white and choosing red and pink lines, complete with tiny hearts. The accents are subtle and cute.

29+ Heart Nail Art Designs to Be Lovely in 2021

10. Romantic Pinks and Reds

Valentine may be a celebration of affection, and this is popular with heart nail art designs. You could create a visually pretty look without them. Instead, why not try these tiny dashes of color, painted alongside the ideas of your nails. The design is abstract and straightforward but is additionally visually perfect. Pinks and reds are a classic combination, but you could experiment with various shades, like light and dark, to seek out a design that appeals to you.

10. Romantic Pinks and Reds

11. Nude Love Heart Nails

Well, then look no further than pink and nude heart nail art designs. The shades complement one another, with the nude base coat allowing the pink to pop. 

29+ Heart Nail Art Designs to Be Lovely in 2021

12. Playful Nail Art Design

Playful designs like this one are perfect if you are trying to find something lighthearted and fun. Mixing colors may be the best way to experiment with tone and shades. Meanwhile, adding cute heart nail art designs just like the eye with eyelashes allows you to practice your painting skills while creating something meaningful.

Playful Nail Art Design

13. Mini Hearts on Feature Nail

These heart nail art designs are perfect to wear, and it lends itself well to a spread of various settings. Even those that do not typically paint their nails on the day of affection can get into the romantic spirit with this mini hearts on a feature nail option. You could choose heart nail art stickers. 

29+ Heart Nail Art Designs to Be Lovely in 2021

14. Mini Hearts everywhere

Feb. 14 is that the day we dedicate to like of all types, and it is the right opportunity to urge creativity together with your manicure. Mini heart nail art designs everywhere may be a fun design to try out and finish. There is also the choice of stickers.

The classic white and red combination, with white because of the base coat, makes the hearts stand out, but you could also fiddle with the colors and use various shades. Wear it with a romantic updo, a reasonably shade of red lipstick, and your favorite white dress for a monochromatic and super sweetheart nail art designs.

29+ Heart Nail Art Designs to Be Lovely in 2021

15. Red Nails with Heart Tips

Ignore the famous French manicure and cover red heart nail art designs! Sometimes the best nail art is that the most subtle. The detailing on these heart nail art designs is extremely simple yet effective, especially when combined with such a striking hue. Red may be a color that demands attention and takes tons of confidence to tug off, but it is a female shade and love and seduction.

It might be best to make this look if you had a gentle hand because precision is vital. It could take you a couple of tries, but mastering this look is well worth the time and energy. Alternatively, you could head right down to your local salon and have the talented technicians complete it for you.

Red Nails with Heart Tips

16. candy hearts 

While the design might call to mind overly saccharine riffs on candy hearts and kiss prints, we are here to point out your heart-shaped nail designs do not have to be cheesy. Many Valentine nail ideas are downright perfect. Think rainbow nails but in reminder pastel or gradients of pink, sparkly rose gold finishes that look grown-up, and, of course, a couple of black-and-white options for whoever can not bring themselves to wear red and pink.

29+ Heart Nail Art Designs to Be Lovely in 2021

17. Heart Nail Art Stickers

You can not fail with tiny red heart decals on each nail. Spice it up by having one heart nail art designs with multiple stickers for a few added flair. If you are uninterested in seeing pink, red, and violet everywhere, use unique reminder nudes for your heart decals for a softer and more subtle look.

17. Heart Nail Art Stickers
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