22 French Manicure Nails 2021 With Amazing Nail Care Tips

French manicure nails for 2021 reflect the current lifestyle, which is self-created, as they are designed to be easy to implement. As you can get them yourself at home, starting with simple and cute nail designs, through calm nail polish colors, to easy-to-apply french manicure nails.

We have found 22 french manicure nails 2021 with perfect nail care tips. Velvet is one of the most desirable materials for this year, and it is making its way strongly to the world of nail decoration, to be one of the most prominent nail trends and manicures during 2021.

Velvet french manicure nails are characterized by a shiny semi-metallic color, which looks like velvet in the light, and you can use it in different colors such as green, burnt orange, and blue. Here, we show you the most beautiful ideas of velvet nails to get inspired by what suits you.

Tips for maintaining healthy nails

  • Avoid exposing your nails to cleaning tools, as they contain chemicals that seriously damage your nails, making them weak and chipped, and make sure to wear appropriate gloves.
  • Be sure to reduce the use of nail polish remover, as it also contains chemicals that harm the nails and cause them to break.
  • You have to keep on moisturizing your nails permanently to avoid exposure to dryness and thus breakage by using nail oil on the nail tips.
  • Make sure to use only scissors and nail files designed for you, and keep on trimming your nails at least once a week.
22 French Manicure Nails 2021 With Amazing Nail Care Tips

What is electric nail file?

An electric nail file is a tool used to file and shape nail edges and care for hands and feet and beautify them after cutting nails. There are many types of nail files, including electric nail files; Which have emerged recently to greatly facilitate this task for us: these are the best tips to use electric nail files and their features.

How to use electric nail files?

We remind you that electric nail file is used more for artificial or acrylic nails or natural nails.
As the acrylic nails need to be cooled when installed. So, it does not become more prominent than natural nails, and the fingernail is cooled by using a machine when broken.
But you can use it on natural nails as well, by cleaning the electric file with a toothbrush or a strong-bristle brush, then trim your nails, and start at a low speed from right to left and then The opposite.
To get an ideal result, use it from the right side, then the middle and the left carefully. We advise you to turn off the electric nail file when changing the nail drill heads to extend its life.

What are Features of Electric Nail File?

The electric nail file is a very versatile tool that allows you to file, polish, and reshape nails and all the features necessary to make professional french manicure nails and pedicure. With an electric nail file, you can sculpt, engrave, polish nails, and it is suitable for professional nail salon use or personal use.

Even a beginner can start at a low speed through it, and it is characterized by being low in noise and vibration and gives smooth and long-lasting operation. This electric nail file helps you to make nail art on black skin.

How to make a nail serum?

Looking for the best treatments to strengthen nails and prevent them from cracking and Tired of brittleness and broken nails. Do not let this bother you anymore, as you can now get rid of this problem and take care of your nails at home by preparing a serum with natural ingredients to strengthen the nails and maintain their health.

  • Lemon, olive oil, and avocado serum

Put your hands in a bowl of warm water and soak them for five minutes. Then, we put the mixture on the nails and leave it for fifteen minutes, taking care to continue the massage. Then, we wash the mixt on the nails and dry them well. Repeat this process twice a week to get perfect results.

  • Coconut oil serum

Immerse the nails in this mixture for 15 minutes. Repeat this recipe once or twice every week. Note: Hands and nails can be massaged with warm coconut oil in circular motions. This is to stimulate blood circulation. You repeat this recipe only once a day before going to bed.

Purple nail polish is one of the best options for 2021 nail trends due to its availability in several shades that harmonize with All skin colors, and suitable for both light and dark shades. Whether you are looking for soft and light french manicure nails or in deep and rich colors. We offer you french manicured nails, the most nail trends, to choose from what you like.

If you are a dark-skinned woman, we recommend that you use light purple shades, as they brighten your complexion and give your french manicure nails an attractive look. You can adopt the purple nail polish in a color that suits you on all your french manicure nails, regardless of their length, and you can also adopt several shades of violet at the same time. In addition to that, you can use the purple glitter nail polish in its various colors, as it adds luxury and beauty to your french manicure nails.

When adopting the purple french manicure nails, you can combine them with several colors, light or dark. Use light purple manicures with white, or purple and gray. You can also use the purple nail polish along with the turtle pattern in dark brown and beige. With unique 2021 nail trends, you should mix light purple manicures with shiny golden manicures. They suit all skin colors and give your nails a beautiful touch.

22 French Manicure Nails 2021 With Amazing Nail Care Tips

There are many french manicure nails and unique nail art designs based on the purple color. You can adopt the dark purple and light pink nail polish in a wavy style and cool your nails in a circular motion to give them a soft and attractive look. You can use the light purple nail polish as a base for your nails, and then use the golden glitter nail polish in a circular motion on the edges of the nail, along with a semicircular line at the front of the valentine nails.

1. Pink velvet nails

Pink velvet nails

If you love pink color as the most popular color for women and girls, give your french manicure nails a velvety look by adopting the velvet nail polish in pink color.

2. Silver and light blue nails

If you like to combine more than one color of nails when thinking about velvet nails, choose, for example, silver manicures and blue manicures, especially if you are of brown skin, these two colors make your skin look lighter and brighter.

Silver and light blue nails

3. Dark blue velvet nails

Velvet nails in sparkling blue resemble natural lighting that reflects beauty and femininity to your look. So, feel free to try the velvet nails trend in one of the darkest shades of blue.

Dark blue velvet nails

4. Velvet nails

You can use velvet french manicure nails in purple color. It is in harmony with all skin colors and gives your nails a very distinctive aesthetic touch. Try Live Love Polish velvet purple nail polish, for example.

Velvet nails

Mix for nail lengthening

  • A mixture of olive oil and lemon

Mix one tablespoon of lemon juice and three tablespoons of olive oil. Heat the mixture in the microwave for 20 seconds, then soak your french manicure nails in the mix for ten minutes. Then, rinse your hands with warm water and moisten them with your moisturizing cream.

  • Vitamin E oil mixture

Mix one teaspoon of vitamin E oil and chop drops of tea tree oil. Stir the mixture well and massage it into your nails for a few minutes. Leave the mixture on your french manicure nails for half an hour, then rinse your hands with lukewarm water and moisturize them with the appropriate moisturizing cream.

  • A mixture of eggs and sunflower oil

Mix one egg yolk with one teaspoon of sunflower oil. Stir the ingredients until you get a sticky mixture. Apply the mixture on your nails and leave it until it dries. Then, wash your hands with soap and rinse them with warm water. Repeat this mixture periodically to get the desired results.

  • A mixture of garlic and olive oil

Mash two cloves of garlic and mix them with a teaspoon of olive oil. Apply the mix on your nails and wear gloves for about a quarter of an hour. So that the nails absorb the entire mixture. After that, wash your hands with soap and rinse them with warm water.

The best mixt to strengthen nails

  • A mixture of olive oil and eggs

Mix 4 teaspoons of olive oil, one egg white, and two tablespoons of olive oil. Stir the mentioned ingredients well, and you must put them in a deep bowl and soak your nails with them for a quarter of an hour. Then, wash your hands and moisturize them with a suitable moisturizing cream. And make sure to apply this mixture twice a week for three weeks.

  • A mixture of lemon juice and olive oil

Mix a tablespoon of lemon juice and three teaspoons of olive oil, then put the mixture on your nails and leave it for ten minutes. After that, rinse your hands with lukewarm water. Within weeks of applying this mixture to your nails, they will become strong and resistant to breakage, twice a week for 15 days.

5. Snowflake Nail Colors

You can adopt a snowflake pattern on your nails in different ways that make your french manicure nails look gorgeous. For example, use a mix of golden and silver nail polish as a base for nails. 

And to implement a snowflake pattern, use white nail polish, and then decorate your french manicure nails with sparkling stars. You can use the glitter snowflake pattern, which will make your nails glow like snow, by using glitter silver nail polishes, along with the little stars.

Snowflake Nail

6. Snowflake french manicure nails

If you want to use a snowflake pattern during events and celebrations, you can use glass nail strips that embody a snowflake, with pink nude nail polish as a base. You can decorate your french manicure nails with a white snowflake, then apply a layer of shiny silver nail polish. If you like gray nail polish, put two layers of it on your nails, then draw a snowflake pattern using the white nail polish.

Snowflake french manicure nails

7. Red Manicure with Snowflake

But if you like red nail polish, you can adopt it in different levels on all of your french manicure nails, and then you draw a snowflake on it and some tiny points using the white nail polish. You can also mix red and gold nail polishers to create one of the most beautiful nail drawings that embody a snowflake. 

You can replace the red nail polish with burgundy nail polish and decorate it with a snowflake pattern. And in case you want to have one of the very soft french manicure nails, put two coats of nude nail polish, then apply the snowflake in small shapes using the shiny silver manicure.

Red Manicure with Snowflake

8. Valentine nail designs 

Red and gold are attractive and elegant french manicure nails that can be used on occasions. Therefore, you can decorate your french manicure nails by using red and gold manicures together.

Valentine nail designs

9. Nails with disco balls

Take the disco balls as an inspiration for you when decorating your nails during occasions, and create one of the most beautiful nails in red and gold, using red and gold glitter nail polish. You can also combine silver manicures alongside them, adding joy and liveliness to your hands and nails.

9. Nails with disco balls

10. Red French manicure with gold

If you like soft french manicure nails in red and gold colors, you can try the French almond nails in red with a soft golden accessory. You place them in the middle of the nails, which is one of the elegant nail designs at the same time, which gives your nails a very distinctive touch.

Red French manicure with gold

11. Dark red manicure

The dark red nail polish reflects a sophisticated and attractive look to your french manicure nails. But you can add a distinctive touch to it through the golden geometric details at the tip of each fingernail separately. It will be a great choice if you have long to medium length nails, as it provides enough space to implement it.

Dark red manicure

12. Natural Shapes

Organic, abstract shapes will be one of the most prominent nail trends for 2021, so feel free to try them, but go for soft, simple shapes and neutral french manicure nails. For example, you can combine nude nail polishers with brown to implement abstract natural shapes.

12. Natural Shapes

13. Colore French Almond Nails

The almond-colored french nails are back in 2021 but in multiple colors instead of white. For example, you can use the following nail polish colors: nude, dark yellow, dark brown, and light brown, on the front of the nails, provided that you adopt beige as the base for your nails.

13. Colore French Almond Nails

14. Pink french manicure nails

The days of pink and white french manicure nails are over. So in 2021, the trend for nail colors in bright pink, and apply them to your nails. Decorate them with a white line at the base of the nails. The pink manicure is in harmony with all skin tones and brightens the brown and dark complexions.

14. Pink french manicure nails
14. Pink french manicure nails

15. Light blue manicure

Blue was one of the most prominent nail colors for 2020, and it will continue to be the latest french manicure nails in 2021, especially since this color is attractive and suitable for all skin tones. It can also be adopted on regular days and special occasions. You can add one of the nail colors to give a distinctive touch to your nails.

Light blue manicure

16. Nails in green and gold

By combining nail polish with bright green and gold, you will give your nails a festive look that catches the eye. Use dark green and bright golden nail polish, in addition to white nail polish. It is enough to give your nails some focus to get beautiful nails.

16. Nails in green and gold

17. Perfect Red Nails

Nothing beats red in beauty and elegance, especially on nails, and it is a perfect choice for all occasions and all seasons. Use this season with its various shiny shades and matte on your nails during events and parties, as it gives your nails a wonderful touch that draws attention to you. Work it with a black or gold dress especially.

screenshot 2021-02-13 001

18. Spotted nails in color

Adding colored dots, including red and green, on top of a base layer of any manicure, especially the nude, leads to getting festive nails at home with a suitable tool that makes the task easier. You can use many colors of nail polish, such as burgundy, yellow, bright pink.

Spotted nails

19. Nails with ornaments

Sparkling hanging ornaments are a distinct modern innovation of nail accessories for this season, and they are among the most beautiful french manicure nails suitable for parties and celebrations. Apply a layer of transparent nail polish with a shiny touch, and when your nails dry, decorate them with shiny ornaments, using the colors of the nail polish of your choice.

Nails with ornaments

We hope that you have found the best nail design that will attract beauty.