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23 Excellent Large Knotless Box Braids To Copy In 2021

What is the difference between the large knotless box braids and regular or traditional box braids? Traditional box braids are great as a preventative style, but they can be heavy, painful, and lead to hair loss and irritation.

With large knotless box braids, those knots that usually form at the base of traditional box braids are removed. You start with your natural hair braided and then “nourish” the braided hair to create a smooth transition. So, wear big box braids. Here are the perfect ways to wear large knotless box braids.

There are many ways to style it, from ponytails to buns. So, to give you some hair inspiration, we found these knotless box braids hairstyles. The large knotless box braids look gorgeous, and some pretty patterns have been created. 

23 Large Knotless Box Braids

Take a look because we have 23 excellent large knotless box braids to copy in 2021 for everyone, and you could find some color ideas too. We can’t decide which one is our favorite and we think you’ll love them all also!

Box braids styles

This knotless box braids style is not your grandmother’s braids! Large knotless box braids can be worn without knots, up, on the side, or any way you like on the same day. Gone are the days when you had to wait for curls to loosen up and not be too tight. 

23 Excellent Large Knotless Box Braids To Copy In 2021

The goal of wearing a protective style is to have the hairstyle with the least amount of pressure on your hair while still providing the most enjoyment. Large knotless box braids do just that! It allows your hair to continue to be healthy, is light, and does not burden your head.

Although the uncomplicated method may be less painful, be prepared to allocate a significant portion of the time to your installation. The style generally takes longer than other box braid methods because you stop adding extra hair while braiding.

If you only want elegant yet simple hair, this is for you. This style features small, long braids. What we love about this style are the trendy box parts because even though the box braids have them, the parts here are made in the modern style feature. It is perfect in style, and this look suits everyone. Recreate this style, or you can choose a shorter braid length.

23 Excellent Large Knotless Box Braids To Copy In 2021

Women box braids

Large knotless box braids can last up to two months without needing to be rebuilt. Once you choose the style you want, go for it and enjoy it for up to 8 weeks! Since you can leave it on for a long time, maintenance is so easy, and time spent getting ready in the morning reduced in a perfect style.

If you are looking for a modern style and want to try a new hair color, this idea is for you. Here we have long and small braids with added blonde color. 

23 Excellent Large Knotless Box Braids To Copy In 2021

Box braids with curls

The hair starts black and then blends with blonde, which gives the style a perfect effect. You can use a more vibrant color like red.

This large knotless box braids style is why more people are asking for the knot-free method on their hair dates. This reason why the term large knotless box braids are up 150% in searches on Pinterest this year. 

23 Excellent Large Knotless Box Braids To Copy In 2021
Source: @yaki_hair_braiding

Traditional Box Braids Hairstyles

Unlike the traditional braiding technique that adds extensions right at the roots, the knot-free method starts with your natural hair and gradually adds bits of hair to the braid as you go. These knot-free, large box braids create less tension on the scalp and reduce the chance of breakage.

Before your next appointment, we’ve rounded up some knotless large square braids patterns and some professional tips for your inspiration. A warning: Once you are knotless, you may be bound to this technique forever.

23 Excellent Large Knotless Box Braids To Copy In 2021

Knotless box braids

Knotless box braids are all raving these days, but knotless braids are a lot more fashionable. Everyone wants to wear box braids without a knot. Go to any salon and talk to the stylist there, and he will tell you that it is the most in-demand style any day. 

23 Excellent Large Knotless Box Braids To Copy In 2021

Jumbo box braids

Jumbo box braids

Long box braids

Large box braids

Large box braids

Short box braids

Bohemian box braids

Goddess box braids

Big box braids

Jumbo knotless box braids

Small knotless box braids

Butterfly locs

Medium knotless box braids

Triangle box braids

Medium box braids

23 Excellent Large Knotless Box Braids To Copy In 2021

Do you remember when your mum or aunt would have braids and fade over time? Well, with square braids without knots, because that tension is gone from the scalp, and the hair is so light, there’s nothing to weigh down your hair and pull the hair back until your edges are no longer there! You can rock some medium box braids this fall.