23 Awesome Purple Nail Designs For Spring 2021 To Try Now

Purple is such a trendy color in fashion and beauty. This idea is no wonder as there are very numerous beautiful colors to pick from them. A simple way to add purple to your glance is with your fingernails. So, You can produce many perfect purple nail designs with cheerful colors.

To give you some spring nail inspiration, we have found 23 perfect purple nail designs for spring 2021 to try now. You will find sparkly acrylic nails, glam almond nail art, and many more. There is a purple manicure for everyone, and there are perfect spring nails to suit any season as well!

Purple manicure is one of the best options for decorating purple nails due to its availability in several shades that are in harmony with all skin colors. It is suitable for both light and dark colors. Whether you are looking for soft and light nail polish models or with deep and rich colors, in this article, we offer you a collection of purple nail designs and polishes, the most prominent nail trends, for you to choose from what you like.

23 Purple Nail Designs For Spring 2021

What distinguishes the purple nail polish is that: You can adapt it according to the color of your skin, and if you are light-skinned, use it in its rich and dark shades. If you are a dark-skinned woman, we recommend you to use light purple shades as they brighten your complexion and give your purple nail designs an attractive look.

For example, you can adopt the purple nail polish in a color that suits you on all your nails, regardless of their length, and you can also adopt several shades of violet at the same time. In addition to that, you can use the purple glitter nail polish in its various colors, as it adds luxury and beauty to your purple nail designs for Spring.

1. Nail polish in purple

When adopting the purple nail designs and polish, you can combine it with several colors, light or dark, according to your personality and taste. For example, use light purple manicures with white or purple and gray. You can also use the purple nail polish with the turtle pattern in dark brown and beige colors.

Among the distinctive models of purple nail designs and manicures, those that mix between light purple manicures and shiny golden manicures, they suit all skin colors and give your nails a beautiful touch.

There are many modern and distinctive nail models based on purple color with different nail colors. You can, for example, adopt the dark purple and light pink nail polish in a wavy style and cool your nails in a circular motion to give them a soft and attractive look.

23 Purple Nail Designs For Spring 2021

Also, you can use the light purple nail polish as a base for your nails, and then use the golden glitter nail polish in a circular motion on the edges of the nail, along with a semicircular line at the front of the purple nail designs.

2. Purple Gradient Nails

Love gradient nail art? If so, you would like to ascertain this next idea. For this gradient, the nail is sparkly gold near the cuticle, the color changes to purple. Finally, the purple nail designs are black at the ideas. This spring nail idea is often a vampy mani that might be perfect for autumn and Halloween. Recreate this or try the same color combo without the flicker for a subtler look.

2. Purple Gradient Nails

3. Purple Coffin Nails

The next idea features more beautiful and classy nail art. At this point, the nails are a light-weight purple shade with four sparkly purple accent nails. Two purple nail designs have some tiny rhinestones. It is a perfect design, and that we love the color combo. You will be able to create the same look with any purple shade.

Purple Coffin Nails

4. Short Purple Nails 

Jazz up your nails with glitter and silver ornaments. You will be able to create something like this. Here we have purple ombre nails for the spring season. We have decorated these purple nail designs with a silver diamond. There is one sparkly accent nail too. We love this because the silver diamond glams up the mani and provides it a classy look. You may be able to buy embellishments like these online in any shape and color. Recreate this or try your funky design.

4. Short Purple Nails

5. Pretty Purple Gradient Nails

The next nail idea features more gradient art. At this point, the nails start dark then blend into lighter reminder purple. These purple nail designs are gorgeous ideas, and that we love the darker shades used. It is a classy and easy-to-wear gradient that will suit anyone. Recreate this style, and you could juice up the mani with some rhinestones or glitter. 

Pretty Purple Gradient Nails

6. Chrome Art Design

If you are trying to find a design that will cause you to stand out from the gang, this is often perfect for you! Each nail features different art includes ombre, chrome, flowers, and more. These spring purple nail designs are unique, artistic, and stylish manicures. Something like this is often perfect for women who like to make a statement. Recreate the entire look or try only one or two of the designs that you like best. 

Pretty Purple chrome Nails

7. Sparkly Purple Nail Art 

Glam up your fingernails with purple nail designs like these. We show long purple nail designs we painted in a beautiful purple shade with some nude and sparkly details. We have decorated these purple nail designs with colorful glitter. The glitter and nail art look beautiful together. A mani like this can be perfect for special occasions. You will be able to recreate the same look on any nail shape and length.

Sparkly Purple Nail Art

8. Lilac Chrome Nails 

Combine in with the budding flowers of spring with this lilac chrome nail art design. This bright color is ideal for beautiful and sunny spring days. You should take this look to the salon or buy stick-ons to avoid any hassle. One of the best ways to realize this look within the salon is by apply blue chrome powder to a base of mauve or purple gel polish and a layer of topcoat polish. Once these steps are combined, you could leave with a stunning lilac chrome design. Your nails are going to be glistening within the sunlight.

Lilac Chrome Nails

9. Purple Glitzy Design

Love funky nail art and much of bling? If so, this might be perfect for you! a number of the nails are matte purple with rhinestones, one nail is sparkly glitter, and there’s even some marble nail art. We love this because it’s fun, unique, and artistic. This purple glitzy design would be perfect for the summertime and holidays. You’ll recreate this with purple and matte finish polish, and in fact, some sparkly rhinestones. They’re available online. 

9. Purple Glitzy Design

10. Purple Ombre Nails with Flowers

The next nail idea is pretty and classy. Each nail is nude with a light-weight purple ombre. There’s also one accent nail that features stunning white flowers and rhinestones. The soft purple color and the flowers are such a gorgeous and female combination. A mani like this is often perfect for the spring and summer. Do this design, and you can wear the ombre without the flowers for a subtler look. 

Purple Ombre Nails with Flowers

11. Blue Purple Chrome Nails 

Spice up your latest manicure with this trending chrome nail design. It takes inspiration from recent fashion trends like iridescent shoes, sunglasses, handbags, and even jewelry items. Get creative and quirky with this unique chrome design by showcasing it on the square or almond-shaped nails and watch the magic unfold.

 12. Nude Nails with V Tips

If you’re trying to find a classy thanks to wearing purple, this style is often for you. This manicure features long coffin-shaped nails. All of the purple nail designs are nude with purple v tips. It’s trendy thanks to wearing purple, and therefore the v tips make a statement compared to the classic tip shape. You will be able to recreate this look or use a perfect shade of purple. 

13. Amethyst Nail Art

This next amethyst nail art design has inspired by the magical crystal Amethyst. For this look, all of the nails are purple, and that they all have an opal marble effect. We decorated all purple nail designs with foil. It’s a mystical manicure, and you will be able to find tutorials for this nail art online.

14. Sparkly Purple Nail Design

We painted all purple sparkle nail designs in Color Club polish, shade Celestial. As you could see, it is a bright and delightful shade of purple. You can paint all of your nails within the color just like the mani featured or use it to make stunning nail art. 

15. Gradient Dotticure

You can easily create this cool, gradient, dotted manicure with the assistance of some dotting tools. While this mint and purple combination is beautiful, you will be able to choose any colors you wish, as long as they appear good together.

16. Blue Tips Nails

Add a summery finish to your outfit with this fashionable blue nail art. By using three polish, it is easy to make dimensions and a stellar piece of nail art. Create a reverse French manicure by painting the crescent a part of the bed with baby pink and pastel purple. It helps elongate your fingertips and elevates your ensemble. Watch as everyone turns to you because of the trendsetter for the slickest designs.

17. Purple Ombre Pastel Nails

Ombre has become so popular in nail art, and with a design like this, we will see why! Here, we show beautiful coffin nails. The rock bottom of the nail near the cuticle is nude, then the color changes to pastel purple. The colors are stunning, and therefore the transition between shades is seamless. You will be able to view tutorials online for ombre nail art. 

Purple Ombre Pastel Nails

18. Multi-Tone Purple Nails

Can not decide which purple color to try? If so, why not wear a few?! You will be able to create something like this. We painted these purple nail designs with a different shade of purple. There is also one sparkly accent nail. We love this multi-tone look because it is unique and super stylish. You will be able to use any purple shades, and you could recreate with or without glitter.

Multi-Tone Purple Nails

19. Trendy Purple Nails

Nude and purple may be a trendy color combo. A number of the nails are dark purple shade. A design like this is often bold, unique, and stylish. These spring purple nail designs will suit everyone and appearance perfect altogether nail lengths and shapes. 

20. Purple Nails Ideas

We have a cute and straightforward idea to point out to you. Here, we’ve dark purple nails with a matte finish. There also are two accent nails in silver glitter. Try an identical look to the present, and you may use any color for the accent nails. A gold and purple color combo would be great also. You’ll view tutorials online on the way to create matte nails. 

21. Purple Chrome Nails

Make a statement with stiletto nails like these! Some nails are matte purple, and therefore the others feature purple chrome. The accent nail has an off-white base and purple foil. It’s a shocking mani, and you’ll try the entire look or simply one design on all nails. Either way, that sharp nail shape will give the purple color the wow factor. 

22. Marble Stiletto Nails

We love this next nail idea! Here we have purple stiletto nails with perfect color and marble effect. The nail colors are stunning, and therefore the overall manicure is so funky and cute. A design like this is often great for those that wish to wear fun nail art. We love the pop of glitter because it jazzes up the planning.

23. Butterfly Nail Art Design

We have a cute and vibrant mani to point out to you. We painted all of the nails pastel purples, and for the accent nails, the nail artists used popular butterfly stickers and a couple of rhinestones. These purple nail designs are a unique look to wear in spring.

24. Pastel Purple Nails 

Matte nails are another popular nail design. Here we have a reasonably purple version to point out to you. These nails are mostly pastel purple with a matte finish, and there’s also an accent nail that’s nude with sparkly silver and rose gold rhinestones. It is such a stunning and classy design. If you wanted to recreate this design, you could need a matte topcoat. You can easily apply rhinestones with nail glue. This nail design is ideal for spring and Easter. 

25. Stunning Purple Coffin Nails

Here we’ve very long coffin purple nail designs in a dark shade, and everyone can paint them in a dark and glossy purple shade. Together they create such a statement. Nails like these are going to be great for the autumn and winter seasons, parties, and Halloween too. You will be able to recreate this or use an identical color on any nail length and shape. 

We hope that you have found the best purple nail designs to copy next occasion.