Best 22 Fulani Braids Styles To Try In 2022

If protective hairstyles have become a saving grace for your natural hair, you are probably familiar with Fulani braids styles. Known in West Africa as one of the popular braiding styles in the hair world, these tribal braids form a versatile and detailed hairstyle that features some cornrow braids down the middle of the head and several braids braided straight towards the temples.

As a teenager, I had no concept of what cultural funding meant. But now I realize how important it is to know and respect where beauty rituals come from, even as an African descent. Fulani braids styles are now one of the most popular braiding styles. Try the best 22 Fulani braids styles to knock everyone over! Check out the 2022 hottest Fulani braided styles in our report.

Both sides. It is a stunning braided look that goes well with beads and metallic hair accessories. And with so many Fulani braids styles to choose from, like chic updates to straight back braids and geometric patterns – it’s easy to make this look your own. Check out the nine Fulani braid hairstyles that will take your protective style to the next level.

22 Best Fulani Braids Styles

Fulani braids are a protective braided hairstyle with a center braid and one to two pieces that the hairdresser braided from the back to the front on the sides and accessorized with beads. Also called Bo braids, Fulani braids styles originated in West Africa in the Sahel region and from the Fulani tribe. Africa’s beautiful history has made it one of the most diverse looks.

Best Fulani Braids Styles

Fulani braids with bun

Add some color to your hairstyle by going for two-tone Fulani braids styles with a high bun. To get the look, combine braided hair in a shade that doesn’t match your natural color while creating the classic center braid and the surrounding braids. Gather everything into a bun, secure it with a hair tie, and you’re all set!

Fulani braids with bun

Fulani cornrow braids

With Fulani braids styles, the cornrow style with flat tufts is no exception. This look features a center braid with two braids curving along with the crown of your head. Then small vertical braids are woven along the circumference of your head and accessorized with scalloped beads and elastic bands for an elegant touch.

The hairstyle is part of the cultural heritage of the Fulani people. Well, we can’t blame them for misunderstanding the origin of Fulani braids styles, as this ethnic style has spread its popularity all over the world, giving the natural hair movement another braiding trend.

Fulani cornrow braids

Half Fulani Braids

There is no denying that a gorgeous set of curls can add flair to any style, and Fulani braids styles are the perfect case for that. Try it yourself by dividing your hair into two parts and clipping the front part of your head. You can leave out the lower section and rock your natural texture. We recommend using L’Oreal Paris Elvive Dream Lengths Super Curls Leave-In Cream to give your curls some definition or use flexible rods to create the curly curls that tie the look together.

Half Fulani Braids

Straight Back Fulani Braids

For those who love to make a classic and elegant statement, straight Fulani braids styles are the way to go. This style consists of cornrows that fall towards the back of the head. It also features two forward-facing braids near the ears. 

Straight Back Fulani Braids

Fulani braids with ponytails

Fulani braids with ponytails will become your point of view in no time. This method requires braiding your hair up towards the crown of your head so that you can gather it. You can also add a few front braids near the ears. Complete the look by pulling all the braids into a high ponytail and securing it with a signature hair tie.

Fulani braids with ponytails

Fulani braids with children’s hair

If you want to add Fulani braids for children, you can try this pattern. We recommend booking an appointment with the hairstylist as it requires very technical braiding skills.

Fulani braids with children's hair

Fulani braids with afro

For women who prefer leaving some of their natural hair to show the texture, try selecting a style that lets you wear both the braids and your natural hair. This look features a center braid with a hair clip and braids woven around the front of your head, creating a beautiful natural blowout at the back.

Fulani braids with afro

Fulani Knee Length Braids

If length is what you’re after, you’ll want to add nourishing braiding hair to this style. Next time you’re at the salon, ask your stylist to add some hair to your mane, create a cornrow braided in the traditional front-to-back fashion, and some back-to-front pieces.

Fulani Knee Length Braids

Fulani braids with beads

Most people call these Fulani braids styles “beaded braids” without knowing what their origin means. Fulani braids are one of the most elegant types of braids ever. And the best part is that they tell the story of African heritage. With hair extensions and accessories, you are sure to find various unique styles and styles to choose from that fit your lifestyle. From high buns to ponytails, mini braids to jumbo Fulani, and even cute and easy hairstyles for little girls – women are wearing all over this ethnic trend and achieving their ultimate hair goals!

Fulani braids with beads

Short Fulani braids

Simplified and unique Fulani braids styles have become nowadays. The ruffled masterpiece in this short version is still pretty as ever, with contrasting monochrome beads in full attention.

Cornrow Fulani braids

The patterns highlight the Fulani braid as it intricately covers the head. You can even add accessories to give the Fulani braided look a touch of sparkle.

Fulani goddess braids 

This style designs different styles that suit your personality. Leaf-like Fulani braid styles like this are among the many braiding styles you can get, along with the chic fringes you can get with it.

Fulani braids with curls

Getting braids with curls is tricky, but layering it in a braided style provides cleanliness and still shows plenty of flair with your long locks. The highly contrasting colors make the long Fulani braids styles for women look more dynamic.

Fulani bun braids

After setting your hair, secure it into a nice high bun for an even better presentation. This Fulani bun braid hairstyle combines them into a centerpiece-like look that you can decorate and arrange however you like.

Short braids with beads

Make your Fulani braids a bob by letting them go and closing the edges with colored beads. Like other braids, beaded Fulani braids styles highlight the look more and can be customized to your mood and personality.

Fulani tribal braids

These Fulani tribal braids are not only for elegance but also to represent the culture. The close-to-skin braids with criss-cross patterns are one of a kind that is pure beauty.

Egyptian Fulani braids

It’s good that you can now reach for those stunning intricate braids adorned with gold accessories and a single-center braid. Fulani hairstyles are perfect for bringing out the royalty in you while showing off your unique long locks.

Blonde Fulani braids

To counteract the harmful factors of turning your hair blonde, you can maintain the moisture by preparing it in mini Fulani braids styles.

Fulani ponytail braids

What a great way to take advantage of the complexity of braiding by using it as a hair tie! Complete with beadwork and red-shaded braids, a simple high-Fulani ponytail like this one can make you an instant hit.

Fulani braids for kids

Fulani braids styles are a great way to keep hair stylish for their daily activities while maintaining oomph with those dense, colorful beads. You can use a protective satin scarf or bonnet at night to help keep styling fresh and protect Fulani-inspired braids from breaking.

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We hope that you have found the best Fulani braids styles to tren next season.