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37 Awesome Colored Box Braids for Black Women In 2021

Colored box braids are very fashionable, which suggests you have got probably worn these braids repeatedly before. Thereupon said, you may be checking out a replacement look. A method you may change up your usual hair and juice up your box braids is by adding trendy colors.

There are numerous stunning shades available, and that we have found 37 pretty colored box braids with color to offer you some inspiration. We show something for everybody from, rainbow colors to unique colors to pretty ombre.

As grown-ups, we still get interested in these spectrums and find them interesting enough to use them in our wardrobe. Therefore, a number of us go the additional mile and accompany colorful box braids as a way of grabbing even more attention to ourselves in social events.

37 Colored Box Braids for Black Women

Having natural hair is all fun and games until you realize that having natural hair means fixing work. That is where protective styles, like colored box braids, come in.

One of the perks of rocking colored box braids is having the ability to experiment with different hair colors without making a long-term commitment. Before you create a meeting to urge your next winter protective style, We rounded up some colored box braids looks to screenshot and fancy your stylist.

37 Awesome Colored Box Braids for Black Women In 2021

The great news is, there are many ways to fiddle with color. You may choose monochrome or two-toned, ombre, or multi-colored braids. Even a change from your natural hair color can make an enormous difference.

37 Awesome Colored Box Braids for Black Women In 2021

How to DIY Braids with Colors?

1- Mix water and ink in plastic bowls.

Pour about one cup (236 mL) of water into an outsized plastic bowl. If you would like a more saturated color, use less water. Then, issue a full 1-ounce glass (29.6 mL) of watercolor into the container. You could add another half bottle of ink for a darker color. Use a wooden spoon to combine the water and ink. Repeat the method with another bowl and color of ink for the second color.

2- Fold the braids in half.

Secure the braid with an elastic band once you fold the braids in half. Folding the braids in half will allow each end to be one color, and therefore the middle of the hair to be another color. If you would like the color to show out differently, fold the braids at another place instead of in half.

3- Dip one end of the braids during a plastic bowl.

This step could be either the center of the ends of the hair. Think where you may like each color to get on the braids before dipping them. After you have created the braids, skip the top of the hair you do not want to be dyed. Allow it to take a seat for a quarter-hour.

4- Dip the opposite end of the braids in another bowl.

After a quarter-hour, remove the braids from the primary color. Let the braids drip dry for a flash, then put the opposite end of the braids within the other plastic bowl. Let the braids sit for a quarter-hour, then remove them from the bowl.

5- Rinse the braids.

Rinse the braids under cold water. You can keep them under the water until it runs clear. Then, lay them out flat to dry. The twists will typically need 3 to 4 hours to drain, but they may need longer.

Colored Box Braids

If you select colored box braids as your protective hair braid style, you would possibly consider experimenting with color. Colorful box braids not only provide your look with a new vision but also add-in some happy, contemporary twist.

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37 Awesome Colored Box Braids for Black Women In 2021

Synthetic braiding hair is out there in many various colors, supplying you with easy freedom to settle on the shade that is perfect for you. Here are some color tips bound to keep you captivated and impressed.

37 Awesome Colored Box Braids for Black Women In 2021

For those that can not resist the urge to play with color, this mixture of colors could also be the right match for you. Blending reminder golden blonde, black, and violet, this bold look does not play it safe, and that we like it for that reason! Rather than sticking to at least one color, this look allows you to feature depth and dimension to your braids for a method nobody will soon forget.

37 Awesome Colored Box Braids for Black Women In 2021

Braided bun styles are all about taking your mane to new heights, and this deep auburn and red velvet shade do an equivalent. And there is no reason you can not do both. Truth epitome of a flexible color, this red hue looks pretty on all skin tones.

37 Awesome Colored Box Braids for Black Women In 2021

This gorgeous color maybe a top pick for those that like adding warmth to their colored box braids. Reddish-brown hues with hints of ginger naturally complement your features, hence why you have seen this shade everywhere on your social media feed, worn by Hollywood A-listers and influencers alike. An undeniable trend, this flattering color wore year-round. Able to give it a try?

Red Box Braids

37 Awesome Colored Box Braids for Black Women In 2021

Red may be a popular color that communicates power to whoever observes it. Short and long braids look gorgeous during this bold hue. This design is best when through with medium or small braids, though jumbo colored box braids can occasionally work. Skin with yellow undertones provides the right tonal compliment.

Rainbow Box Braids

37 Awesome Colored Box Braids for Black Women In 2021

The first idea we’ve to point out you’re these awesome rainbow box braids. These colored box braids are during a sort of vibrant shades from blue to yellow. Hair like this is often perfect for anyone who wants a dramatic and fun New Look. Rainbow braids would be great for the summer too.

Purple to Pink Ombre

37 Awesome Colored Box Braids for Black Women In 2021

Are you look for a statement-making hair idea? Then this next pick is for you! Here we’ve colored box braids with a purple to pink ombre. The highest of the braids are dark, then turn purple, then pink at the ends. Hair like this is often bold and can get you noticed! You may recreate the pink and purple or choose two other colors.

Chunky Braids With Colores

37 Awesome Colored Box Braids for Black Women In 2021

If you liked the pink and purple ombre from earlier within the post, then you would like to ascertain this next idea too! Rather than an ombre look, these colored box braids in pink and purple are a perfect choice. Because the braids are chunky, it makes the colors stand out. You’ll choose pink and purple or choose two other colors.