23 Butterfly Makeup Ideas for Halloween To Be Awesome Now

Scanning for scary Halloween makeup, but are uninterested with the classic witches, werewolves, and vampires? If so, we’ve just the thing for you. How about these butterfly makeup? we’ve 23 pretty butterfly makeup ideas for Halloween costumes.

Makeup inspired by butterflies has become so successful, and every designer that has tried the trend has maintained to make something beautiful and/or scary.

23 Best Butterfly Makeup Ideas for Halloween

With these butterfly makeup ideas, you’ll create mermaid costumes, and a few professionals have created skull and butterfly combos. To give you some influence, Take a glance, and check out something distinct this year.

Butterfly Makeup Ideas

Something like this is often great for those that want to decorate up for Halloween without being scary. You’ll even add these butterflies to a fairy costume. There are tutorials online to point out your ways to color butterflies.

Easy Butterfly Makeup for Halloween

If the scary makeup isn’t your thing, and you would like to seem cute on Halloween, then this concept is for you.

As you’ll see, the artist has created beautiful purple eye makeup on one side, and on the opposite, the world around the eye is adorned with a butterfly wing.

Wear with a color match dress, and you’ve got a trendy Halloween party look.

Monarch Butterfly Makeup Ideas

Here, we possess a butterfly wing pattern on both eyes. This butterfly makeup idea is such a pretty and lovely idea.

You’ll wear the makeup as is with a trendy outfit otherwise, you can use this makeup to make a fairy costume. Pair with a wig, fairy wings, and a dress, and you’ll have one cute Halloween costume.

Butterfly Costume Makeup Ideas

We love this next makeup idea, and it’s one among our favorites! This butterfly makeup idea is often stylish, but spooky, and it’s an excellent search for any Halloween event from a club to a more family orientated party.

Like the butterfly and skull makeup ideas? If so, check this out. It’s another makeup look that’s both scary and cute. You’ll even add contact lenses to form it a touch scarier.

Next, we’ve another beautiful butterfly makeup idea to point out you. For this one, the artist has gone all out, and It has created butterfly wings on her face with an equivalent pattern on her body too.

It’s a surprising idea, and you’ll wear makeup like this with a color match dress or use it to make a magical fairy costume.

Butterfly Halloween Makeup Ideas

Looking for butterfly makeup for Halloween which will wow? Then this butterfly makeup idea is often perfect for you.

Here have butterfly makeup on the face. The design is complete with card butterfly wings on the edges of her face.

This butterfly makeup idea is often such an awesome idea! Recreate this otherwise, you can try a version of this by using any color for the butterfly. A blue version would look amazing also.

The next makeup idea gives you the simplest of both worlds. One side of her face has skull makeup, and therefore the other side features a gorgeous butterfly wing.

So, you’ll look spooky on one side and pretty on the opposite. This butterfly makeup idea is often a fun and unique look, and you’ll recreate the butterfly wing in any color you wish.

The butterfly makeup has applied her face a blue shade finished with an illusion skeleton eye, nose, and mouth. While one eye adorned with a butterfly.

Looking for unique makeup for Halloween? It’s an inventive and delightful piece, and it’ll look amazing for parties.

You’ll keep it simple or go all out and wear a wig, contact lenses, and more. Maybe even add some skull elements.

If you’ve got a favorite butterfly, your makeup is often inspired by it. For instance, here we’ve makeup inspired by a monarch.

It’s a gorgeous orange color with similar patterns. So, recreate this or use it as inspiration and make your own Halloween butterfly makeup. You’ll try the design with or without the skull elements.

The next makeup idea is gorgeous, but scary too. While on the opposite eye there’s a stunning butterfly wing.

The costume is complete with paper butterflies. This butterfly makeup idea is often such a bold and statement-making look, and it gives you the simplest of both worlds.

If you would like to travel all out, then this is often for you! Here we’ve very intricate and bold butterfly makeup. As you’ll see, her face and body are purple.

This butterfly makeup idea is often such a cool idea, and it makes her appear as if she is from another world. Recreate this or try the design during a different color like blue.

Butterfly Fairy Makeup Ideas

Next, we have a bold and delightful makeup idea. This one features colorful butterfly eye makeup with cute lip color.

This is often a fun and classy makeup concept allows you to decorate up for Halloween during an acute and not creepy way.

Maybe you would like stunning makeup which will wow. If so, this is often for you. Most of her face has glam makeup that you simply would usually wear to an occasion. This makeup is so pretty and it’ll look great with any outfit.

This next butterfly makeup idea is cute, spooky, and bold which is ideal for Halloween. This is often a cool makeup idea, and you’ll find tutorials online for both the butterfly and skeleton elements.

We love this next makeup idea! this is often another makeup idea inspired by a monarch. She has dripping wings around the eyes, and therefore the same butterfly design is on her neck too.

The design is complete with white contacts and black lip color. This is often a scary idea, and it’ll frighten people. Recreate this otherwise, you can use any colors for the butterfly wings.

Next, we have a spooky butterfly makeup idea to point out you. This is often such a cool look because it’s kinda creepy but cute.

You’ll even wear white contacts to make a ghostly vibe. Also, attempt to wear the same hair accessory to face out from the scary crowd.

Earlier within the post, we featured beautiful blue butterfly makeup. If you liked that concept, then take a glance at this one too.

This one features a similar design, but the butterflies are pink and purple instead.

It shows how you’ll be inspired by a thought to make something new. If you wish the butterfly design, provides it a try! This makeup looks magical, and it’ll be perfect for a fairy costume.

The last butterfly makeup idea has created a butterfly wing design on the eyes with a skeleton nose and mouth It is perfect for Halloween. The design is complete with wings on the side of her head. This is often great if you would like unique makeup that creates you stand out. You’ll also make butterfly wings with card and paint.