23 Awesome Grey Nails Ideas to DIY in 2021

Are your nails in demand for a change? Do you need influence on what nail art to try next? If so, this is often the area to be. Today we’ve 23 awesome grey nails designs ideas to DIY in 2021 with ways to undertake. Grey may be a stunning color, it suits any season, and it is perfect for any occasion. There are numerous shades to try now. So there’s something that may be perfect for everyone. Read on and find a classy grey nail design, and most of those can even be created reception.

Clear Grey Nails

23 Awesome Grey Nails Ideas to DIY in 2021

Are you look for more of a stylish look? If so, this is often for you. Here we’ve clear coffin nails. The tip of the nail is obvious, while the bottom is grey, and it may be a marble effect. This mani is complete with foil. It is a bold and glam design, and it may cause you to stand out from the gang.

Light Grey Nails with Glitter

23 Awesome Grey Nails Ideas to DIY in 2021

We have another glittery grey mani. For this look, we have long coffin nails. Some are glossy grey, and a few are sparkly. These light grey acrylic nails with glitter is often a glam and classy nail design, and it’ll suit all nail lengths and shapes. Nail art like this is perfect for special occasions and parties. A darker grey tone would look amazing with glitter also.

Short Grey Nails

23 Awesome Grey Nails Ideas to DIY in 2021

Grey compliments numerous other colors, one among which is orange. As you see, some nails are matte grey, and there are two accent nails. The accent nails are half grey with either white or orange color.

Grey Matte Nails

Here we’ve long and classy coffin nails. Most of them are nude and grey ombre with either rhinestones or lovely 3D roses over the highest. These grey nails with roses are often such a surprising look, and they are so trendy. Recreate the entire style, or use just one of the designs on all of your nails

23 Awesome Grey Nails Ideas to DIY in 2021

Grey Nails with Purple Tones

Are you search for an easy and stunning nail idea? If so, check this out. Here we’ve long nails, and everyone is glossy grey. The color used also features a subtle purple tone. Nails like these are perfect to wear, and therefore the design will suit everyone and any occasion. Try something similar, or you could even jazz it up with some rhinestones.

Cute Nail Design

Next, we’ve cute nails to point out to you. The grey nails are short and have grey, silver glitter, and wintry nail art. this is often a fun and unique look. It also shows that grey tones will suit any season. You may even just use the grey and glitter for a mani to wear all year and not only for Christmas.

Glittery and Grey Nails

If you’re trying to find a more elegant and glam nail design, then this is often for you. The nails are glossy grey with marble art. The artist covered some nails with glitter. It is a surprising look, and therefore the glitter jazzes up the nail art. This design would look amazing on stiletto nails also.

Light Grey Nails with Sequins

Love the short and straightforward to wear nails? If so, this for you. The grey nails are very short, and that they are all painted during a light grey shade. Two nails also are adorned with gold and red sequins. We love this design, and it’ll suit everyone. The colors also will be perfect for the vacation season. Recreate this, and you can use sequins in any color.

Matte Grey Nails with Glitter

We love this next nail idea. For this look, we’ve long coffin nails. Some are matte grey and glitter, one has a glitter tip, and therefore the last nail is roofed in sparkly rhinestones. It’s a cute, glitzy, and straightforward to wear style. The long nails aren’t an easy way to wear, but you’ll, of course, try planning on a shorter shape also.

Nails with Botanical Art

The next nail design is another one among our favorites. As you’ll see, the nails are short and lightweight grey. There is also one accent nail that’s sparkly with black botanical art. The grey shade is stunning and straightforward to wear. We love black botanical art, and it is so striking against the grey. You could buy leafy nail stencils online.

Matte Grey Nails

This next idea is straightforward to make and wear. The nails are mid-length, and the artist painted them in a different shade of grey from dark to light. We love the matte texture. So, all you’ll need is five reminder grey. You may use matte polishes, or you can use glossy ones with a matte topcoat.

Abstract Nail Art

The grey color doesn’t need to cover the entire nail. You could use grey to make stylish nail art like this. Here we’ve abstract nail art. It features grey with other shades like nude and coppery nail foils used too. This coppery nail is often a unique way of adding a pop of grey to your look.

Autumn Nails

This grey nail art is often a unique way of adding a pop of grey to your look.

Gel Nails With Glitter

Christmas Grey Nails

Nude Grey

Grey is the queen of colors,because she makes everyone else look good.

Blue Gel With Glitter

Nude with Sparkles

Acrylic Grey Nails

Pretty Grey

Stiletto Nails with Clouds

Matte Grey Nails with Glitter Ombre

Marble Coffin Nails

Dark Grey Mani


Last, we have a pretty nail design to point out to you. The nails are an extended coffin shape, and a few are neon pink while some are grey. The artist decorated these nails with silver stripes, lace art, rhinestones, and more. The colors are gorgeous, and therefore the lace is stunning. Recreate the entire look or have just grey nails with the white lace.