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21 Best African Maternity Dress Styles To Rock In 2022

African maternity dresses have changed the maternity journey for many women. Women no longer need to wait nine months for them to be in fashion again. You have to keep in mind that being maternity does not mean that you cannot look great or rock the latest fashion trends. There are distinct patterns for each stage of pregnancy, so you will have no excuse for not looking good during the previous nine months of pregnancy.

Finding the best fashion dresses is the secret of every keen wardrobe. You have to be different and stand out every time. To be stylish is easier said than done because looking good takes time, effort, and patience to find what matches your color and shape. However, you can turn to the most elegant person among your audience by observing some rules for choosing clothes and accessories well.

Here are the best 21 African maternity dress styles that you can never go wrong with them. The secret is to find what works for you, what compliments your body shape, and most importantly, what you feel comfortable wearing.

Is Maternity Comfort?

You have to consider that maternity is comfort. As much as you like to embrace fashion and enjoy dressing up the countless latest African maternity dress styles, you need to make sure that you stay comfortable throughout this period. This article will take you through the world of maternity fashion and more about African printed maternity dresses.

Tips for African maternity dresses

Tips for African maternity dresses

Before giving you a list of maternity Ankara styles, here is a list of tips that you should make your pregnancy as trendy as possible. You have to take advantage of this casual period by wearing scoop-neck African maternity wear.

Second, you should consider choosing a comfortable one over a bulky one. Some women choose to wear clothes during pregnancy which should not be the case because such clothes contribute to an unpleasant appearance. Instead, it is advisable to go for beautiful African maternity dresses that soften your silhouette and emphasize your features that don’t expand. For example, African printed T-shirts with leggings are a good combination.

Thirdly, you should think about decorating with bright colors. Since color is such a vital aspect of a modern maternity wardrobe, you shouldn’t limit yourself to black or other neutral colors. Many African maternity dress styles are bright enough to make your maternity journey as colorful as possible.

Ghanaian maternity dresses

Ghana is undoubtedly the land of African dressed. A woman leaves no stone unturned in terms of fashion. They have great designers who spend sleepless nights trying to create the latest designs of Ghana fashion trends. Here are some of the latest African maternity dresses for Ghanaian women.

You need to choose the fabrics wisely as pregnancy can make you feel hot, and the jacket and consuming the wrong clothes can cause you trouble. Ankara designed most African maternity dresses using fabrics that are perfect for pregnancy.

Ghanaian maternity dresses

Ghanaian maternity dress for work

As simple as this African maternity dress looks, its elegance is undeniable. With a formal coat in a color that complements the prints on the dress like black, white, or yellow, you’ll be just fine. It makes pregnancy look natural when it is perfect for all sizes. When paired with the right shoes and jewelry, you won’t have to worry about it during your day at the office.

Also, you have to consider using is layering African print dresses with leggings for a comfortable and elegant look. The greatest thing about leggings is that you can wear them even after giving birth.

Ghanaian maternity dress for work

African Print Peplum Dress

Peplum tops and dresses have a unique way to cover up kids’ pumps in a simple yet fashionable way. They fall under the most popular Ankara styles for pregnant women. This African peplum dress designs spotted Ankara dress is perfect for the waiting businesswoman who still wants to enjoy work and earn money during this period. As much as pregnancy is a sensitive period, that doesn’t mean everything has to stop. This midi African maternity dress is all you need during this time with office-appropriate shoes, bags, and accessories.

African pregnant Peplum Dress

African print midi maternity dress

Medium length is popular in African clothing styles for pregnant women. You may wear these midi African maternity dresses on various occasions and at work. This print midi African maternity dress is comfortable enough for a regular day at the office. The red lace design on the shoulders adds elegance to the entire outfit and makes the dress suitable for almost any occasion. With the right shoes and accessories, you will be able to look stunning in the office without any regrets.

African print midi maternity dress

Short sleeve straight dress

 A straight-line dress like the one below is among the best African maternity dresses for work in Ghana for the pregnant mom who has to go to work for some time during pregnancy. The dress is just below the knee and is perfect for work. The narrow bottom adds elegance to it. We recommend you pair the right amount of accessories with the right pair of shoes with a desk bag and a confident look like the one below is just what you need.

Nigerian women never disappoint when it comes to rocking African maternity dresses in Ankara. They are very fashionable even during pregnancy. It seems that Nigerian designers are working around the clock to create elegantly tailored African maternity dresses with Ankara. As every bump deserves a compliment in gorgeous African fabric maternity dresses, the list below will give you many Nigerian traditional maternity dress designs and outfits that will make you attractive.

Short sleeve straight dress

Black African Print Dress Top 

Tent tops or dresses work best when you intend to shine on any occasion in your maternity care. All you need is a tent top like the one below, which is brightly colored and perfectly designed to keep you looking beautiful, comfortable, and fashionable all day long. Pairing it with black leggings is a perfect idea because leggings are the most comfortable garment during pregnancy. 

You can wear this outfit with a pair of comfortable sandals or flats. If you feel comfortable enough to wear heels or are still in the early days of pregnancy, you should rock your favorite pair of heels to add style to the whole look.

Black African Print Dress Top

Bell-shaped maternity gowns

Bell-shaped African maternity dresses are not light only but elegant when paired with suitable shoes like the style below. It is the most practical option that you can make during your pregnancy shopping spree. This maternity gown style is because you can decorate this outfit from the early stages of pregnancy to the point when you become a mother. Once you are a mother, you can tie it to determine your waistline after restoring your pre-pregnancy body.

Bell-shaped maternity gowns

Agbada for pregnant Nigerian women

The Agbada style is borrowed from Nigerian fashion for men and flaunted by pregnant women without apology. This outfit is not only stylish but also comfortable for any modern Nigerian mom. African fashion houses designed this Agbada outfit using neutral-colored fabrics like the brown fabric below. If you have to add pomp and color to the Agbada outfit, you have to decorate it with appropriate jewelry.

You have to decorate your clothes with African accessories. One of the best ways to add flavor to your African maternity dresses is by wearing your favorite jewelry and accessories. The right accessories tend to spice up almost all looks, and you shouldn’t be shy about embracing them during this time. However, you should be careful about the type of jewelry as not all of them may be safe for you and your unborn baby.

Agbada for pregnant

Wrap around African print dress

The rap about dresses is free and highly recommended for pregnant ladies. The image below has a unique print that is bright enough to bring a somewhat monotonous day to life. Pregnant women can safely dress it up to function and feel comfortable all the time. The good thing about it is that you can still wear it in the office even after giving birth.

Cicely African Print Wrap Dress

Maternity dress with long sleeves

Long-sleeved gowns have one common feature. They all can hide your arms and shoulders, which may increase a bit during pregnancy. In addition, such clothes also can lengthen the silhouette and give future mothers a slimmer look. It is fitting to choose the right accessories to match this maternity dress. To complete the entire outfit, you should consider wearing the appropriate flat shoes that will not interfere with your health because wearing the wrong shoes can interfere with your health and the health of your unborn child.

The length of the African maternity dresses that you purchase is also necessary. You have to choose the African maternity dress which will make you comfortable because of your weight during pregnancy. Short African maternity dresses are traditional in warm weather. So the weather is also a determining factor when choosing the perfect length for your African maternity dresses.

21 Best African Maternity Dress Styles To Rock In 2022

Ankara maternity styles for ladies

Most women love to look good no matter the situation. Whether you are going to the gym, church, or on vacation, every stylish woman desires to stand out. This guide has compiled the latest Ankara styles for pregnant ladies that will blow your mind and completely change your outlook towards pregnancy fashion.

Long Ankara Wrap Dress

This dress allows you not only to be elegant but also elegant. In the early stages of pregnancy, you have a lot of freedom to get dressed because your tummy baby is still tiny in size. The beautiful prints on this dress cannot go unnoticed, as it is pretty, the clothes you adorn it with should be pregnancy capable. Reflect the beauty like the dress below. You have to choose a long Ankara wrap dress style with sandals and a colorful bag like the one below.

South African maternity dresses 

South Africa, like other African countries, values ​​culture. Here are some of the latest South African maternity dresses for pregnant women of South Africa.

You have to consider investing in only the basics. Being pregnant does not mean you have to get a completely new wardrobe. Pregnancy comes with some doing, so it can be costly in most cases. You may have to consider buying the latest maternity Ankara styles which you can easily decorate even after giving birth.

High low dresses

This high-rise African printed chiffon dress is a must-do during pregnancy. The combination of chiffon and African print gives an elegant look that is not unique but also elegant. Chiffon is pregnancy-friendly and will make you comfortable as you want. The one below is simple but elegant. You can still flaunt your legs with it but still cover the necessary parts. With the right shoes and accessories of your choice, this look can serve you on countless occasions during pregnancy.

Dashiki short maternity dress

If you want to please yourself with colorful patterns, then dashiki clothes are the best during pregnancy. This V-neck purple dashiki dress is perfect for any stage of pregnancy as long as you get your design in the right length. A short one like this can serve you well during hot seasons when the temperatures are not on your side. A pair of comfortable sandals or closed-toe flats can work well with this dress as well.

Off-shoulder Ankara maternity dresses

Ankara maternity dresses 2022 have become very popular in the fashion world. From off-the-shoulder tops to dresses and even off-the-shoulder jumpsuits. This particular design is an off-the-shoulder African print maxi dress that is long enough to cover the toes. Most importantly, the dress is free and very comfortable. This look is perfect for a relaxing weekend with friends or a wedding, thanks to its pairing with the right pair of shoes and simple accessories. Who said being a mother means you can still do fun activities and attend different jobs?

Ankara maternity top

If you want more Nigerian maternity wear to match your favorite bottoms, then your favorite Ankara print maternity blouse is the best decision you can ever make. The good thing about Nigerian maternity tops is that they usually have a very comfortable free fit for pregnant women. 

For example, the Ankara maternity peplum tops below blend perfectly with skinny jeans paired with white heels. You can also pair the top with outfits you had before pregnancy as pants, skirts, leggings, and any other type of comfortable bottoms you have. Additionally, if you want to have a relaxed weekend look, sandals or any other flat shoes are recommended.

Ankara print dress with pockets

Who wouldn’t want to wear such a dress during pregnancy? Its length and color are perfect for such a period. It’s modest yet classic, and the long sleeves are comfortable when the weather seems unexpected. The fabric looks light enough, and the whole outfit is a must. It is decent enough to wear to church and on many occasions.

African Sleeveless Maternity Dress

Long dresses never disappoint during pregnancy. You can wear it, and no one can see that you are pregnant. This brightly colored African maternity dress is simple for the maternity lady who wants to cover everything except the sleeves. A simple hairstyle like the one below is perfect for any occasion. You have to pair these African maternity dresses with the ideal footwear for comfort, and an elegant clutch bag can add a sense of luxury to the whole outfit.

BouBou styles for pregnant women

 Most pregnant women find dresses that do not have made waists comfortable. There are those days during your pregnancy when you don’t want to fight anyone cuddling with clothes. This BouBou dress is perfect for such moments and maybe short as your preference. The greatest thing about the BouBou styles is that you can decorate them throughout your pregnancy and after you become a mommy. With light accessories and a matching pair of shoes, these BouBou styles for pregnant women can take your attention during pregnancy.

African Print Tunic Dress

 Tunic dresses are the latest in fashion and come in different elegant designs. They are ideal for the early stages of pregnancy and can suit your taste and preferences. The bright color below is a must for any modern lady. The good thing about it is that you can still rock it even after your baby is born. The prints are eye-catching, and when paired with the right sandal, you can wear it for many occasions.

African Print Shirt Dress

Shirt dresses are currently trending and a must-have not only for pregnant women but also for all ladies. The African print shirt dress style below is perfect for the elegant pregnant woman. In combination with the leggings, this look is not only stylish but also comfortable. Paired with appropriate shoes, accessories, and a clutch bag, it can serve you on countless occasions during pregnancy.

South African Maternity dresses

Maternity dress styles are like other African countries that value culture. Here are some of the latest South African maternity dress styles by the culture-cherished pregnant women of South Africa.

The attractive styles of South African maternity dresses made of high-quality fabric are not only suitable for maternity photoshoots but also suitable for appearing in a decent and attractive appearance that catches the eye on all other social occasions. Since women’s body changes during pregnancy, these African maternity dresses are available in different sizes to suit all bodies. If you want matching outfits for your husband and kids, you can order them from your stylist.

Floral maternity dresses

If you are a fan of clothes that look natural and elegant, the dresses that you will like among the African maternity dresses for evenings with floral graphics that are very popular in weddings and summer invitations will be your perfect selection. These African maternity dresses hide all the imperfections of the body and protrusions that You want to hide because of their floral graphics to appear graceful and attractive.

Floral maternity dresses

As much as pregnancy comes with many changes and challenges, a woman needs to look beautiful throughout. These African maternity dress styles can match the different body sizes and shapes of pregnant women. All you have to do is figure out your style and look for clothes that will make you glowing and impressive during this time. We all remember that ladies attend to appear more attractive during pregnancy. So, feel free to use all the tips mentioned above to make your pregnancy stylish. Also, you can buy any African maternity dress style you need from amazon.